Free Video Chat App to Make New Friends 2021

Free Video Chat App to Make New Friends 2021

Free Video Chat App to Make New Friends 2021

It’s 2021 and people do not like to make friends the traditional way. The past year has taught
us a lot about staying indoors, being connected remotely and this is what led to the rise of
random cam chat sites.

What is random cam chat, you ask? Well, there are free video chat app sites and platforms that allow their users to interact and get in touch with other users around the world. The purpose could be dating, striking friendship or just passing your time.

Flingster: Free Video Chat App

If you’re looking for an adult dating site that makes online encounters both fun, easy, and free, Flingster could be exactly what you want. To start with, you don’t even have to register – you can go to their site any time you want and start webcam chatting instantly! Another standout feature is that your anonymity is assured, whether you’re using just your mic, text chatting, or talking face-to-face over a webcam connection. Flingster provides virtual masks for every user, so you can protect your identity and add an air of mystery to each encounter, all at the same time.
Flingster has users from all over the world, and all genders are welcome on the platform. Speaking of which, you can filter your matches if you’re interested in meeting people of a certain gender or nationality. With Flingster’s thousands of users to choose from, you’ll never be kept waiting for your next online fling!


Speaking of the various resources that provide random cam chat abilities, Shagle dominates
the video chat industry. Crafted to excellent streaming and blessed with a simple interface,
Shagle is one of the most widely used video chat alternatives, performing in the same lines as
popular Omegle Plus.

Earlier people used to avoid video chats because of their own set of apprehensions and
concerns about safety. What if the video is leaked or stored or recorded? There were various
questions and people just avoided cam chats as they were not sure.

With Shagle, your privacy becomes the top priority. The platform not only provides free
video chat apps to make new friends, but also ensures privacy. It has developed the culture of
extremely private video chats.

When you use the video chat service of Shagle, it has the impetus to connect you with people
and chat enthusiasts all around the world. With a massive and vast customer base, Shagle is
always flooded with people. Currently, over 3 million people are regular patrons and users of
the platform.

Anonymous Chats

You can be as anonymous and discreet with Shagle as you want. You do not need to provide
your name, your location or even your email ID. When the information is so discreet and
anonymous, you can let go of your inhibitions and just be yourself unapologetically.

There is no need and requirement for you to disclose any of your core and vital details. There
is an extreme sense of independence and liberty that comes with Shagle. You do not have to
worry about someone knowing your name or other such details. You can even change your
personality and way of interacting.

No Repetition

It can really be very frustrating to come face to face with people you have already rejected.
When it comes to Shagle, it does not match you with similar people again. There will not be
any unwanted and repetitive encounters or embarrassing recurrences.

So, you can base your current decision and skip someone without fearing to have a repetitive
encounter with that person. You are in a state to explore better without any evident hitch or

Fast Interface

We all hate buffering of a video stream. We all also hate abrupt ending of conversations due
to technical failure. Shagle does not take a toll on your internet or your device. It functions
seamlessly and has an interface that is super prompt and fast.

All the fun of speed dating and fun conversations goes for a toss when your video is stuck or
it takes too long to jump over to another. Ideally, this shouldn’t be the case and thankfully that
isn’t the case with Shagle.

The platform is perfect, seamless and prompt. The servers of Shagle are of the most supreme
quality and are featured with extreme stability. You will not be missing out on any fun
interactions because of an unanticipated network glitch.

Compatibility with Multiple Devices

We do not just use one device for our processes and procedures. There are many ways in
which you can use Shagle. We all use multiple devices. You can use whichever mode is most
preferred to you or acceptable to you.

If you are compatible with your mobile phone or any other internet-compatible device, you
can use the same. The only prerequisite in this case is to ensure that the device under
question has a camera and internet connectivity.

Transcend Geographies

Even the most popular dating apps only have the capacity to scan for people in and around
your territory. They end up limiting your dating boundary to the nearest location. Shagle is
rather cosmopolitan in this respect. It has an array of people from over 70 countries.

Whether it be your current location or whether it be locations based miles and continents
away from you, every person is approachable with Shagle. Users from over 70 countries are
registered on Shagle and it is one of the most actively used modes of interaction.


The plethora of dating options and alternatives available can make one doubt and question as
to why should they choose Shagle. There are frankly abundant of reasons, but below are
some core features:

1) New Beginning

Nothing says a new beginning as finding yourself a new bunch of friends. While traditionally,
the people you interact with are associated with you because of your work, profile, social
status, etc. you can also venture out.

When it comes to finding companionship on Shagle, you do not have to reveal everything.
The people are there just for the sake of pure interactions. Shagle does not even seek your
personal data, let alone storing it. Hence, you can meet new people who like you for who you
are and not your social status.

2) Experimenting with new people

As already stated, users from over 70 countries are happily registered with Shagle. You can
venture beyond your geography and know about different cultures, customs, locations, etc.
Shagle can also help you find companionship in times when you are lonely.

So, above physical intimacy, there is intimacy of minds, thoughts, conversations and this is
where Shagle is best. You connect with people, beyond superficial reasons.


Of the many random cam chat sites, Free Video Chat App Omegle Plus is usually the most preferred. Despite the popular Omegle Plus, Shagle has proven its mettle. With a simple interface, wide usage and anonymity, it attracts users from around the world.

So, if you haven’t used Shagle yet, you are missing out on some serious fun and frolic. You
can speak with people anywhere in the world, and you can be approached by people
anywhere in the world. So, what’s stopping you?

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