Finance/investment Apps that you NEED on your Phone in 2021

Finance/investment Apps that you NEED on your Phone in 2021

Finance/investment Apps that you NEED on your Phone in 2021

Want to put that sleek little computer in your pocket to good use in 2021, and become a little bit
more productive? For those looking to adopt a better savings mindset and perhaps even invest some
of their funds in order to build a solid financial portfolio as we come out of lockdown, we’ve
compiled a list of must-have money apps that you might want to install on your smartphone. From
robo-investors that allocate money on your behalf, to advisors that joke about your expense at your
expense, there are tons of different software to try, but some are better than others. Read on to
find out our recommendations.

Finance/investment Apps that you NEED on your Phone in 2021

Getting started with smartphone saving

Never interacted with your finances through your computer or smartphone, and are unsure of where to start? It’s simple, but depending on the bank that you’re with, your respective online banking app might be a great jump-off point. Most people are already making full use of these facilities on a daily basis, with the majority giving you the ability to quickly monitor your outgoings, set up and cancel direct debits, and even pay people directly from your smartphone in seconds. If you’ve never done this before, you’ll quickly realize what you’ve been missing out on, on how much better control on your money you can have with this information available at the click of a button.

Alternatively, if you want to open a new account, for saving money, or perhaps to help you run a small business/passion project on the side, why not look at fully-online banks? Monzo, for example, is a great online bank that can be set up completely from your mobile phone. Not only do you get a physical card for use in stores and restaurants, but the different options and features on the app make it extremely intuitive and simple to use. You can send money right away, budget and categorize your outgoing spending, and even separate your money into different pots, some even with interest rates.

Smart saving solutions

Want to save up a pot of money to put towards a substantial purchase? Perhaps you just want to get out of the continuous rut of living paycheck to paycheck? Here’s a small selection of savings apps that you might like to try.

Plum – This app allows you to easily save money automatically, analyzing your spending pattern and suggesting amounts that you could save based on what you have and what you waste. It’s handy for people that don’t necessarily know how much they can viably put away each month without running out of money for necessities such as bills/groceries etc.

Cleo – A sleek app that’s perfect for people who are into social media, Cleo is a financial AI that will chat to you like a messaging service, giving you recommendations on your finances and even making jokes at your expense if you’re not spending in the right ways. Sometimes it’s good to have a ‘friend’ looking out for you.

Money Dashboard – Got multiple bank accounts and want to compile them into one place so you can see all of your expenditure at once?

Money Dashboard might be a handy app to try. This service collates all the data from your credit card, debit card, and more, putting spending into categories so you can analyze what you want to change and how.

Investing made easy

Thinking about investing your money in 2021? You’ll be pleased to know that there are also a ton of investment-related apps to help you get to where you want to be. Moneybox is a great example of an investment app that will passively start working on your finances for you, rounding up the change leftover by purchases and putting it into small investment profiles on your behalf. From there, you can go onto different mobile trading platforms, testing the water with incremental amounts and getting a feel for stocks/shares.

Tip – New to investing, and simply want to learn more about the different markets and asset types out there? Companies such as RWinvest offer a range of mobile-friendly guides and podcasts that can quickly be accessed through your smartphone device or tablet. Alternatively, there are plenty of free games you can download that teach you the basics of investment and trading, helping to build up your knowledge-base without forcing you to put in any of your hard-earned cash.


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