FIFA 23 Top eSports Skills You Must Have

FIFA 23 Top eSports Skills You Must Have

FIFA 23 is EA Sports’ most realistic and accurate football simulation game. Skill moves, like some in FIFA, have evolved. What began as a simple way to pass the time by playing games has evolved into a full-fledged package of spins, juggling, and feints.

As you explore the FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule, you must be proficient in a few skills to advance in your gaming. These skills will help new and experienced players improve their attack moves and find new ways to use them.

Berba Spin

Because of its speed, the Berba Spin is a deceptive move that can be used on both offense and defense. It is, however, a move that requires a great deal of talent, so ensure you have the necessary skills to execute it. To perform a Berba spin, flick the right stick 90 degrees to the player’s right or left, depending on the desired spin direction.

Step Overs

Stepover Right and Stepover Left are 2 Star Skill Move in FIFA 23, and only 2 Star Skill Move-capable players can use them. This is true for nearly all players except for a few goalkeepers with lower ratings. Check a player’s statistics and the number next to “Skill Moves” to see how many moves you can perform while controlling them.


In FIFA 23, stepovers are an excellent way to change direction while dribbling without alerting your opponent. They are available to almost any player in the game as a two-star skill move.

They are exceptionally skilled at fouling inside the penalty area. Quarter-rotate the right thumbstick from the top of the stick to the right to perform the Stepover Right with a player capable of a 2-Star Skill Move. To perform a Stepover Left, move the right thumbstick in a quarter-circle from the top of the stick to the left.

Why is this skill move so effective?

The ball is always safe because you always have your back on the defender. For a long time, the Berba Spin has been a player favorite. If you read how to do it, you can do it with almost any player on the field, making it a handy skill.

When cutting in from the flanks, this four-star skill move is best used to create an angle for a quick pass or a delicate shot. It’s also tough to predict and deal with, allowing gamers to drag players into the penalty box. Opponents find it difficult to change directions due to the stop-and-turn animation.

Ball roll

Ball roll is a brand-new 4-star skill. With this skill, you can quickly defeat an opponent by shifting the ball to the left or right. When combined with other skills, ball rolls are fantastic. Although the ball roll is a two-star move in FIFA 23, five-star players can combine it with a scoop turn to create a new movement known as the ball-roll scoop.

It changes course in a fantastic way that keeps opponents guessing. It would help if you held L1/LB to execute this move. This would typically start a run but now flick the RS up, then down. You are now able to perform the “Heel to Ball Roll.” In any one-on-one situation, this is an extremely useful manoeuvre.

Fake Photographs

You can cancel your shot and aim to take one almost immediately with a fake shot, fooling your opponent into thinking you’re about to shoot rather than perform another trick. To fake a shot, press X on PlayStation or A on Xbox while moving the left stick and clicking the shoot button. The best players in the game should execute the move, as they will have a better chance of scoring and better control of the ball. 

McGeady spin

In FIFA 23, the McGeady spin is a 4-Star Skill Move, which means it can only be performed by players who can perform 4-Star Skill Moves. Move the right stick forward toward the ball, then 90 degrees to the left or right, depending on how you want to escape.

Ensure sure your character isn’t running when they use the skill move. They must either remain stationary or jog with the ball. The McGeady Spin can create space on the wings or in the opponent’s penalty box to beat defenders and create a shot opportunity. Because of the abrupt and dramatic change, the McGeady Spin is particularly effective at luring opponents in the wrong direction. It increases the number of opportunities to pass, shoot, or run to the open space ahead.

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