FENNEL ( سونف) Reduces Water Retention

FENNEL ( سونف Reduces water retention

FENNEL ( سونف)
Reduces water retention

Fennel Reduces water retention, the result of a dry mouth and mucous buildup, in your nose. The mucus will be released from your lungs, creating less mucus which is more conducive to helping you breathe better. Once your mucus builds up in your nasal passage, it has a tendency to collect there instead of being able to flow out through the rest of your nasal passages, especially when you have an infection. With Fennel, the plant that grows into the yellow-green Fennel flower, the mucus is able to be expelled much more easily. When mucus builds up inside the nasal passage, your ph. level drops, and your body’s natural defense against bad breath rises. The ph. level drops, the amount of bacteria that live in the nasal passages rises and this leads to the buildup of bacteria. There is a natural antibiotic present in the plant, which kills the bacteria and mucus. Since the bacterium that is in the plant has already been killed by the antibiotics, the bacteria that are still there are no longer causing problems.

This is why the plant has been used for generations in many countries as a natural remedy for halitosis (bad breath) and a way to help with other conditions. It has been shown to reduce bad breath and as an additional benefit, it helps to keep the mucus from building up in your throat and sinuses. Because Fennel reduces water retention, it has also been shown to reduce sinus congestion. This is an added benefit. People who have sinus problems are prone to having a dry mouth, which can lead to a dry mouth syndrome which is very difficult to treat. Since bad breath is often a symptom of an underlying condition, using fennel to eliminate that problem may be just what is needed to get rid of the symptoms associated with the condition. Many people who suffer from a dry mouth syndrome are not aware of it and the fact is that their symptoms are often related to their diet and not their poor intake of certain foods.
A diet low in protein and too little fruit and vegetables may be a major cause of excessive dry mouth Fennel can be used in small quantities to supplement a diet low in protein and fruits and vegetables, but not at the expense of drinking water and other liquids. Fennel is also said to be able to reduce mucus production in the mucous membranes by strengthening the walls of the nasal passages. If you suffer from water retention and the symptoms of a dry mouth, try giving

FENNEL Reduces water retention

Fennel a try. You may find that the results are just what you need to rid yourself of the symptoms permanently. Of course, if the symptoms do not go away in a short amount of time, you may want to visit your doctor. Another benefit that fennel has been shown to have is the ability to prevent cancer. The plant has been used by some people in Japan to prevent prostate cancer due to its anti-cancer properties. Some research has shown that fennel reduces water retention and increases good cholesterol levels. This is good news for people suffering from high cholesterol. SAUNF is very useful for people who have heartburn; acid reflux and other heart conditions, because it has properties that help to lower the amount of acid in the stomach that causes these problems. Many people find that they feel more energetic and less fatigued when taking fennel because it promotes the movement of nutrients in the body.
In many cases, SAUNF can even help fight bacteria and help heal burns and cuts. It can even be used to treat acne and eczema. Many people find that taking fennel helps them lose weight. In addition to helping with a number of skin problems, fennel also has a soothing effect on the skin.


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