The 10 Famous Entrepreneurs and Their Way to Success

The 10 Famous Entrepreneurs and Their Way to Success

The 10 Famous Entrepreneurs and Their Way to Success

There’s no shortage of remarkable entrepreneurs in the modern world of fast speed internet and social media (an invention of outstanding entrepreneurship, FYI).

This successful entrepreneur has innovated some brilliant or if you like, ingenious ideas that have made them billionaires. As you’ll see in this famous entrepreneurs list, most of these entrepreneurs made their fortunes through technology.

After all, we are living in the information age. Some entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson, made their wealth through music initially then branched into technology later on.

In essence, this is not a replica of the Forbes rich list but a review of talented individuals in business. Who are these famous entrepreneurs?

Top 10 Famous Successful Entrepreneurs

1. Jeff Bezos

He is not just the richest man alive at a whopping $180 billion. Jeff Bezos is also a smart and visionary entrepreneur. He is a leader of the famous tech entrepreneurs pack. His resilience and patience have grown Amazon from a small online bookseller to one of the companies to achieve $1 trillion valuations alongside Apple Inc.

Besides, Amazon has diversified into TV and film production, online streaming, and cloud computing services. Jeff Bezos has also invested in a space company, Blue Origin, and the Washington Post.

2. Bill Gates

He is the founder of Microsoft and currently the second richest person in the world after Jeff Bezos. He deserves a spot on the famous entrepreneurs list because of his contribution to business and technology. Microsoft is regarded as the first software company that revolutionized personal computing.

3. Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet has been nicknamed “the oracle of Omaha” he is one of the famous business entrepreneurs. He is also the most successful investor in the world if his net worth is used for measure.

His investment vehicle is Berkshire Hathway for decades now. He has earned most of his money through wise investments in the stock market and is the third richest person alive today.

4. Larry Page and Sergey Brin

The success of Larry Page and Sergey Brin has been tied to each other since they launched Google, which was initially a Ph.D. thesis project. Google changed how searches were conducted through its PageRank technology.

These two famous entrepreneurs total combined net worth of over $100 billion has been earned through Google, with its parent company, Alphabet. Alphabet also owns YouTube and a bunch of other companies.

5. Benjamin Kapelushnik

You probably have not heard of one of the famous teen entrepreneurs to make this list. He is a friend of rappers and describes himself as a rare sneaker dealer through his online store, SneakerDon.

The company makes more than $1 million a year. He is a highly sorted middleman for rare sneakers, especially for the celebrities he hangs out with. His Instagram account is a testament to the success the 19-year-old has achieved.

6. Elon Musk

He is currently the CEO of two successful companies, Tesla and SpaceX. Elon Musk is a South African born famous American tech entrepreneur who was part of the PayPal Mafia that launched PayPal and later sold it to eBay.

After they sold PayPal to eBay, he founded SpaceX and co-founded Tesla at the start of the millennium. His entrepreneurship journey, hard work, and thought-provoking ideas inspired the Marvel movie Ironman.

7. Richard Branson

Richard Branson dropped out of school when he was 16 because he had dyslexia. He jumped into entrepreneurship early on, founding Virgin Records in the 1970s as a mail-order music store.

Afterward, it became a record company and one of the many Virgin Brands, including Virgin Airlines and Virgin Galactic, that followed later.

8. Mark Zuckerberg

If you haven’t heard of Mark, you’ve probably heard of his famous company Facebook. The company was started as a social network for universities in his Harvard dorm room.

He later dropped out to pursue entrepreneurship become one of the youngest famous entrepreneurs to achieve billionaire status. Facebook is currently the largest social media network in the world. It owns Instagram and WhatsApp.

9. Pierre Omidyar

He is the man who “accidentally” started eBay. He was only creating a personal project called Auction web, but interest and traffic meant he had to charge users a fee to cater to the rising web costs.

Even though he’s not famous as he used to be, he started a pioneering company that grew in leaps and bounds.

10. Melanie Perkins

You may not have heard of Melanie, but she’s one of the famous female entrepreneurs. She’s Australian and the co-founder of She is currently the CEO of the over $1 billion company.

She found success through a series of funding after many rejections in Silicon Valley for three years. Canva is a popular free design tool that has made design simpler for non-designers.

Conclusion: In the competitive “shark-like” world of business, it’s not easy to achieve success. However, these entrepreneurs seem to be on top of their game ever since they started.

They have maintained a level of consistency even in the face of trouble from internal and external pressure. They are dedicated to their craft, and we can only dream of achieving a fraction of their success. Let us know your thoughts about this list in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio: Emily Moore is a writer and public speaker with an interest in entrepreneurship, having started a few online businesses of her own. She is passionate about business and spends most of her time writing and teaching business in various cities.


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