Self-Tested ExtraTorrents Proxy List to Unblock


Extratorrents was launched in 2006 and quickly gained popularity because to its features. Extratorrents enables you to download the most recently released Movies, TV Shows, Music, Software, Games, Anime, Books, and more via the peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing technique.

A lot of torrent sites have been taken down recently, and the only way to access them is via a proxy or VPN. In this situation, utilizing the unblock extratorrents technique, these extratorrents proxy sites allow excellent access to the actual site. You may search for the most recent movies, music, and other media for free by using these sites.

You’ll be shocked to learn that this extratorrent proxy site is entirely capable of surfing everything you desire. These proxy sites contain torrent and magnet links for a variety of content. The greatest feature of Extratorrents proxy site is the extensive search option. You may examine anything without any issues thanks to this function.

If you want to learn more about these proxy sites, their search engines, proxy mirror list, extratorrent unblocking, free access, downloading extratorrents files, and so on, go here. Then this essay is only for you.

So, instead of spending time, learn more about additional torrents proxy sites.

Intro of Extratorrents Search Engine

The Extratorrents search engine has exceptionally quick operating procedures. You may access any current, publicly available content here at rapid speed and great quality. Extratorrent site is one of the top post features that provides the most recent changes and information.

It aids with the provision of high-quality content such as 720p and 1080p. As a result, we can easily conclude that this application is beneficial for locating popular torrent content in an easy manner. The most significant aspect is that extratorrents proxy provides easy and quick access to high-quality content with minimum loading time and any internet connection.

Categories are Available on Website

Categories Available on Site

    • Popular Torrents
    • Today Torrents
    • Yesterday Torrents
    • Movies Torrents
    • TV Torrents
    • Music Torrents
    • Adult Torrents
    • Software Torrents
    • Games Torrents
    • Anime Torrents
    • Books Torrents
    • Pictures Torrents
    • Mobile Torrents
    • Other Torrents

Extratorrents Proxy List August 2023 100+1% Working Sites (Updated)

Extratorrent Proxy

Extratorrents proxy sites are replicas or mirrors of the original extratorrents site. This seems to be merely a replica, yet it has all of the same features as the original site. If you are incapable to access the main site in your location, you may use our extratorrents proxy list or mirror list. These are 100% functional sites in 2023; just click the link and explore.

Note: This article's material is intended solely for educational and informational purposes. No downloading of anything that has been copy-protected is permitted.

The best working extratorrents proxy or mirror sites list  are as follows:-

Extratorrents Proxy List Speed Status Security Very Fast Online On Very Fast Online On Very Fast Online On – New Very Fast Online On Very Fast Online On Very Fast Online On Very Fast Online On Very Fast Online On Very Fast Online On
Extratorrents Proxy Site 10 Fast Online On
Extratorrents Proxy Site 11 Fast Online On
Extratorrents Proxy 12 Fast Online On
Extratorrents Proxy 13 Fast Online On
Extratorrents cc Proxy 14 Fast Online On
Extratorrent .cc Proxy 15 Fast Online On Mirror 16 Fast Online On
Extratorrent cc Proxy 17 Fast Online On
Extratorrents Mirror 18 Fast Online On – New Average Online On – New Average Online On Average Online On Average Online On Slow Offline Off Slow Offline Off Slow Offline Off Slow Offline Off Slow Offline Off Average Online On Slow Offline Off Slow Offline Off Slow Offline Off Slow Offline On Slow Offline On Slow Offline Off Slow Offline Off Slow Offline On Slow Offline On Very Slow Offline Off Very Slow Offline Off Very Slow Offline Off Very Slow Offline Off Very Slow Offline Off

These extratorrent proxy mirror sites are created by professional hackers and programmers who work tirelessly to deliver the finest services possible. Because this site has restrictions in nations, they are constantly changing their domains to offer services even after restrictions.

Why Use Extratorrents Proxy/Mirror Sites?

With all of this information regarding extratorrents mirror/proxy sites, you may be wondering why we utilize them. What is the point of these? The answer is straightforward: The primary extratorrents site is prohibited for users in certain countries, thus we must utilize torrent mirror sites for accessing and exploring the internet. These are known as additional torrent mirror sites. You now know the answer to this.

To Know About Extratorrents Unblocking

Sometimes the site operates while you are surfing, but it merely blocks you, in which case you must use alternative means to utilize extratorrent proxy sites and unblock extratorrents.

Tor Browser

Extratorrent Unblocked by Tor Browser

This is the Tor private network. In this strategy, computers are linked together for the purpose of sharing bandwidth and exploring the internet. You can easily unblock extratorrent proxy sites using the Tor browser. By entering the URL in the TOR browser search field and clicking enter, you may easily access that site.

Using VPN

For unblocking any of the sites, we employ proxy servers. However, since they transmit personal information, these proxy sites are unsafe for us. This never occurs in VPN. VPN transmits no information or encrypted data. There are other VPNs accessible, including TOR Guard, Nord VPN, Expressvpn, Cyber ghost, and others.

Get Info on Public DNS for Extratorrent. cc

As previously stated, public DNS is one of the most often used techniques for accessing the website. For a short time, the extratorrents website is blocked by local DNS. We must change local DNS with public DNS for unblocking these sites. These public DNS are freely accessible through the internet.

DNS Advantage –

VisiZone –

Open DNS –

Norton DNS –

Google DNS –

DNS Resolvers –

Alternative Sites for Extratorrents August 2023

Alternative Sites for Extratorrent

There are several additional sites for users, just as there are for extratorrents. Users may get high-quality content on these sites as well. Users are always concerned about harmful software, bitcoin malware programs, and so on. As a result, some of the safe and secure extratorrent alternative sites are listed below.


RARBG is the biggest site that hosts the most recent content like as music, movies, and television series. It also houses software, games, and pornographic content. RARBG content is available in a variety of bitrates and resolutions, including DVD rip, Blu-ray, SD to 1080p, and many more.

RARBG provides a short explanation, screenshots, a tidy layout, cover art, and content-related information. These are its distinguishing features.


Updated RARBG Proxy List

2. 1337x

1337x is yet another torrent website that offers magnet links and files using the BitTorrent protocol. This was first launched in 2007. It is regarded as one of the most trendy sites, providing users worldwide with new, up-to-date content.

This site’s primary domain is 1337x, but it also has backup domains that are supposed to be proxy mirror sites that assist users find the greatest content.


Updated 1337x Proxy List

3. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is one of the torrent sites where users may download the most recent content. It offers content like as music, movies, programs, and ebooks in around 35 languages. This site’s mirror domains became accessible to users after certain restrictions were imposed in 2018. If you face access issues, you may utilize proxy mirror sites of this pirate bay main site.

Updated Piratebay Proxy List

4. Torrentz2

This site arose after the shutdown of the main site, After some time, this website grew in popularity among users. This site’s metasearch engine incorporates millions of results from a variety of torrent sites. Torrent z2 is now safe and legal since it does not carry or store any torrent files.

Updated Torrentz2 Proxy List

5. YTS

Yts torrent is a fork of ytfs torrent. This Bittorrent provides a vast number of free movies. This website offers HD video content with a tiny download size. As a result, this draws a large number of users. This is a well-known torrent site for downloading high-quality movies with subtitles in a variety of languages.

6. Kickass Torrent

Kickass torrent is a trusted and well-known site among users. This is one of the quickest sites for scanning all of your material, including music, movies, and other media. You may read the greatest reviews of this site’s more than 150000 users. These reviews will assist you in finding what you are seeking for when exploring our website.

Updated Kat Proxy List

7. Torrent9

Torrent9 has the greatest user interface, which distinguishes it from other sites and makes it more accessible. You are free to explore any kind of material, including movies, music, television programs, and a lot more. As a result of its design, you will never face any issues when utilizing it. This website runs well because you may contact user support professionals for any advise or assistance. Torrent 9 is the same as the extratorrents website, which allows users to view a variety of content.

Updated Torrent9 Proxy List


If you want to have the finest torrent experience possible, the extratorrents proxy sites listed above will come in handy. You may use these extratorrent mirror sites to enjoy internet surfing. If you face any difficulties when searching, you may utilize alternate sites of additional torrent cc. There are other alternatives to extratorrent, but we have already explored some legitimate and popular alternatives. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is extratorrents illegal?

Ans: Using additional torment for personal use is legal, but sharing downloaded materials and creating multiple copies without the owner’s consent is not. This is thought to be illegal.

2. Why use VPN for accessing extratorrents?

Ans:When accessing torrent sites, we must utilize a VPN to provide a safe and secure search. A VPN allows you to access your site in prohibited places.

3. What is extratorrents?

Ans: Extratorrents is a website that offers entertainment content and applications. It was the site that ranked first in torrent indexes worldwide prior to its shutdown.

4. Is it safe to use an extra torrents?

Ans: Because accessing additional torrents is now illegal in certain countries, we must utilize a VPN to do so.


5. Do I need a VPN to use extratorrents?

Ans: Yes, a VPN is required for a safe and secure search.

6. What is the best extratorrents proxy?

Ans: As previously said, there are several extratorrents proxy and mirror sites. There are also several alternatives.

7. Are the links of the extratorrents mirror sites working?

Ans: Yes, all additional torrent mirror sites are operational, however certain nations have restrictions, thus a VPN is required to access them.

8. Should we use a VPN to access extratorrents proxy unblocked site?

Ans: Because these extratorrent proxy sites are often blocked, we must utilize a VPN to access them.

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