8 Channels You Can Abuse To Publish Your Explainer Video

Explainer Video

An explainer video could lead your website visitors to purchase your products or services. With
the help of the right channels, you can boost up your traffic and of course get more audience
views for your videos.
Once you finish the production for your explainer video, you will need to get some viewers.
That’s why you need to publish your video. However, an explainer video is a web video. They
are a bit different from regular TV ads and they are not intended to be aired on TV. So, you will
need to treat it differently.
An explainer video could lead your website visitors to purchase your products or services. With
the help of the right channels, you can boost up your traffic and of course get more audience
views for your videos.

Here is where you can publish your explainer video:

1. Official YouTube Channel.

Your official YouTube channel is the perfect space to make the first publication of your explainer
video. If you already have a great number of subscribers on your channel, it can be a great
advantage. You can gain an instant view, and your fellow subscribers will not hesitate to share your
video. If you don’t have an official YouTube channel for your startup, create one. It is very
important for building your brand.

2. Companys Blog

After your first publication on YouTube, then you should also make a publication on your
company’s blog. Try posting something new about your company on your company’s blog.
Besides that, it will look more legit and will also give more advantages for further publication

3. Companys Facebook Page

Share your blog post about your explainer video on your Facebook page. It will be better to post
your blog web URL rather than your YouTube video link. It will also give another advantage to
your SEO performance. Social media exposure also gives a great impact on your search engine
result position.

4. Twitter

Twitter is also a mainstream social media. Publishing your explainer video on twitter will also
give you an opportunity for being retweeted by your followers that give you another publication
advantage. Just like on Facebook, share your web blog URL, not the YouTube link. The Twitter
tweet is also considered as a positive signal for your SEO.

5. Linked-in

Linked-in is a social network for Industry professionals all over the world. If you have a good
relations network on Linked-in, you can consider creating a publication on Linked-in as well. It will
give your explainer video a chance to be found by people from the professional industry.

6. Pinterest

This option could be optional. Pinterest is a rising social media today. You can simply pin
your explainer video on your Pinterest account. It will also give you the possibility of being
repinned by thousands of Pinterest users.

7. Instagram

Not mentioning that Instagram is a media for photo sharing. People nowadays also share their
videos on Instagram. Moreover, Instagram has a feature called IGTV that allows you to post a
video with more than a minute long.

8. Facebook

Yup, I intend to mention Facebook in the last point because who the hell doesn’t use Facebook
in this new era. Facebook is the most popular social media and it also can be a media for

streaming videos. If you post your video to Facebook, with the right caption, hashtags, and
mention to the right people or communities, you’ll gain better viewers for your video.
Facebook also prioritizes a video post more than a post without it like an image or text only. You
can put a long caption to describe your behind-the-scenes story in producing a video.
Alternatively, you can tell about the purpose of making an explainer video. The longer your
quality caption, the more people think your videos are worth watching.
These are 8 easy ways to publish your explainer videos on the Internet. I believe you will gain
better exposure if you follow these six simple steps. You could also improvise and create your
own publication technique.
Feel free to leave comments to add more publication methods and ideas.

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Andre Oentoro is the founder of breadbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He
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videos (in that order).
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