eVAX Covid Vaccination and Information Registration, SMS

eVAX Covid Vaccination and Information Registration, SMS

The Tunisian Ministry of Health has made available to citizens who seek to receive the coronavirus vaccine an “evax” website and SMS service to register; find the complete guide.

Tunisia’s Evax.tn Vaccination Platform:

To organize anti-covid-19 vaccination operations in Tunisia, an application called “The Ministry of Communication Technologies launched Evax in January 2021 in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the national computer center, the IT services of the independent higher body of elections (ISIE), and telecommunication operators.

The web platform for remote registration to the anti-Covid 19 vaccination campaign is safe and available to any Tunisian person who wishes to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

In this tutorial, we will go through the whole remote registration procedure for Tunisians and foreign citizens on the eVax platform and all of the relevant information on how the anti-Covid 19 vaccination campaign works.

What is eVAX?

Ministry of Health made available to citizens an SMS service, a phone number, and an online platform www.evax.tn, to register to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

eVAX is a mobile application that allows people to remotely register for the anti-Covid 19 vaccination campaign using the 2021 pound/star code or the website www.evax.tn.

This application, which will register remote registration for the anti-Covid 19 vaccination campaign, was carried out in a record time of less than 3 weeks by several intervening parties, including the Ministry of Health, Communication Technologies, the national computer center, and the IT services of the higher independent electoral body (ISIE), and telecommunications operators.

Furthermore, anti-Covid 19 vaccination activities will be carried out by registering for this application, which is the same as used in elections and was created and implemented by national authorities.

That being said, this application is aimed at any Tunisian person who wishes to register remotely to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

Registration is possible:

Either dial the code * 2021 # through your mobile phone and then inputting the needed information.

Either via the evax.tn web platform or by completing the relevant forms.


Although evax.tn primarily allows you to register for the anti-Covid 19 vaccination, the application also provides additional choices for scheduling vaccination sessions, including features such as:

  • Registration for eVax
  • Citizen with a national identification card
  • A citizen without a national identity card Foreign citizen
  • Update your contact information
  • Cancel your registration
  • Reschedule the appointment.

We welcome you to finish the eVax registration by following the steps outlined in the following section.

How do I register for eVAX?

The internet platform eVax is designed to allow Tunisians to register for the vaccination campaign and manage all vaccine logistics.

EVax Tunisia registration – How to Register eVAX?

Please follow the steps below to complete the vaccine covid tunisia registration:

Use the following link to access the eVax application:


Click on “Citizen with a national identification card,” “Citizen without a national identity card,” or “Citizen without a national identity card.” “Foreign national

Depending on your circumstances.

A “General data” screen appears; enter the required information (CIN / Passport, date of birth, etc.) and click “Validate.”

Follow the on-screen steps until the registration procedure is complete.

Although the eVAX application is in Arabic, you may change the language by using the drop-down list at the top of the page.

If you are having a worry registering, you may contact eVax using the information provided on the registration or in the contact section of this guide.

Citizens who wish to receive the coronavirus vaccine can also register through SMS by texting “Evax” to 85355, dialing the USSD code * 2021 #, or calling the toll-free number 80 10 20 21 Monday via Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Tunisia’s vaccination campaign against Covid-19

Three principles will guide Tunisia’s vaccination program:

Equity or the identification of priority groups based on some scientific factors, and it should be noted at this level that the Ministry of Health has chosen a categorization of targeted people in order of priority:

First and foremost, they include the elderly in nursing homes, nursing personnel, people over 75, and nursing staff who have come into contact with infected people.

Then there are people between the ages of 60 and 75 and the remainder of the nursing staff. People under the age of 60s with chronic conditions come in third, followed by those with contact with people at risk.

Finally, we come across 18-year-olds who are free of chronic ailments.

The state will offer the free vaccine as part of the vaccine cost.

The ability to choose whether or not to get vaccinated

At the time of writing, one registration request has been received on Tunisia Evax’s anti-Covid 19 vaccination platform.

Please respect the vaccination date and time in mind.

To maintain the smooth order of the vaccination process, the Ministry of Health has asked all citizens enrolled on the vaccine platform against covid-19 Evax.tn to respect the date and time specified in the message received.

And shorten wait times in vaccination centres

The Ministry of Health declared in a news release released on its official page that if the individual does not appear at the vaccination centre on the date and time specified, the appointment will be automatically postponed to a later date.

It is possible to reschedule the appointment immediately on eVAX.tn by visiting https://evax.tn/reportRDVVerif.xhtml.

16,5% of people enrolled on the “evax” platform have been vaccinated.

The Tunisian Ministry of Health has made a “evax” website and an SMS service available to citizens who need to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

The Tunisian Ministry of Health has made a “evax” website and an SMS registration service available to citizens who want to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

According to the Tunisian Ministry of Public Health, 16,5% of people enrolled on the “evax” platform have been vaccinated since the vaccination campaign start on March 13.

In a press statement obtained by Anadolu Agency, the ministry also stated that 61,4% of those vaccinated up until April 13 are over the age of 75.

Number of sites increased to 32 around the country with the establishment of seven additional vaccination facilities, in addition to home vaccination for people with limited mobility.

According to the same news release, vaccination awareness programs will be launched in collaboration with civil society and governors from various areas of the country.

Time to manage your bank account online eVAX contact and assistance

Suppose you have any problems registering on evax.tn, you may contact assistance at the following phone numbers:

  • 80102021 (toll-free). Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. and to 4 p.m.
  • Phone: 71 577 000 Ministry of Health: Facebook page


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