Ensure a bright future by pursuing B. Des. in Graphics and Communication design

Ensure a bright future by pursuing B. Des. in Graphics and Communication design

Ensure a bright future by pursuing B. Des. in Graphics and Communication design

Bachelor of Design (B. Design) or B. Des is a four-year course (full-time) at the undergraduate
level, in the design field offered in many specializations.

Earning this qualification will allow you to explore career options, give you the scope of new
technology learning and opportunities in various industries as well.

The course structure includes vocational subjects, product development, marketing,
specialization-specific subjects, CAD, CAM, elective subjects as well as skills and personality
development topics!

Besides getting exposure to the designing sector, pursuing a B. Des course will allow you to
participate in events, internships, and exhibitions at local as well as global stature.
In this blog post, we will discuss the job profiles that you can take up after completing graphic design courses that offered a B. Des degree post-graduation.

Ensure a bright future by pursuing B. Des. in Graphics and Communication design

· Fashion Designing

Influenced by culture and different trends of art, fashion graphic designers spend their crucial
hours applying aesthetics and clothing construction design, to clothing and related accessories.

· Graphic Designing

This profession is the perfect blend of art and academic discipline involved in projecting visual

The primary goal is to transmit specific messages to social groups and multimedia.

· Textile Designing

This technical and creative process deals with the manufacturing and printing of decorative
cloth or fabric material.

· Game Designing

Being the most exciting form of graphic art, applying aesthetics and design to create a game
(for entertainment, exercise, educational or experimental purposes) should be your expertise
when working here.

· Product Designing

Product design involves a very broad coefficient, development of ideas, and effective

It is all about creating new products for customers to be sold by a business.

· Industrial Designing

The graphic design applied to products is a process that usually deals with mass production and
requires a ton of patience.

· Multimedia Designing

This form of art strives to integrate multiple forms of media in interactive applications (video
games, information kiosks, and websites).

· VFX Designing

As a VFX artist, you will be dealing with digital effects to enhance film shots and animation or

You will also get to engage with computer-generated graphics (CGI) live-action techniques to
create environments, characters, or elements, which are otherwise quite difficult to capture.

· Visual Communication

Your main goal here will be to convey information and ideas using visual elements (drawing,
graphic design, illustration, signs, typography, advertising, animation, industrial design, and
electronic resources).

Opting for the course will enable you to attain certain skills, specific to making a career in the
design field.

These unique abilities include quick learning skills, an eye for detail, and a profound
understanding of the design industry!

The B. Design course curriculum is designed for all specializations in a way that you can acquire
subject knowledge and execute and projects with industrial exposure.

Is there a better way to hone important skills for your career ahead?

Browse through the variety of designing courses available on our website and send across your
application at the earliest!


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