Dorm Diaries: A Student’s Guide for Dorm must-haves

Dorm Diaries: A Student’s Guide for Dorm must-haves

Dorm Diaries: A Student’s Guide for Dorm must-haves

Living far away from your parents and the comfort of home-cooked food is the biggest dilemma of every dormer. Food take-outs are either unhealthy or rather expensive.

And every student has a different range of budget and preference. A first-time dormer? Don’t worry; this article is about helping you survive independently without going out of your budget.

Must-have Appliances

Bring out your pen and paper and take notes! Here are some things that you need, and you might need before you move into your corners of independence:

1. Microwaves – If you can’t cook, this must go on top of your checklist. For those who miss home-cooked food, you can buy or bring cooked food to be reheated. As your mom always says, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day this is also good for preparing your go-to meals in the morning and your quick snacks at night.

2. Mini fridge – This comes second for your mini kitchen checklist to store your home-cooked food, leftovers, and if you’re fond of keeping your drinks cold. There are also frozen goods that you can just quickly cook in your microwaves that you can store here.

3. Humidifiers – Dormitories are often hot or dry. It may cause allergies, dry and itching skin. The moisture coming from the humidifier can help in cleaning the air inside your room. No one wants to get sick alone right?

4. Coffee machine – For students that often go for all-nighters, this will save you a lot of money. Instead of paying big bucks for a cup of coffee, you can have it at your convenience. And this is the biggest cure for morning classes (and hangovers). You can never go wrong with a good kick of caffeine every morning.

5. Iron – Many students often underestimate this, but who would want to spend their first day in school with a wrinkled shirt or uniform right?

Make it Gourmet!

Being independent is surely never easy for anyone. But bringing appliances or things that could remind you of the home will surely divert your attention. Cooking your first meal would even feel like you passed an exam. Being independent is a stepping stone to becoming an adult.

And speaking of meals, you want to know quick recipes that you can prepare using your microwaves? Quick microwave meals but make it gourmet!

1. 3-minute omelette – You need an egg, sliced bell pepper, and ham. If you have any other vegetables, you want to add you can. Mix them all then put them in the microwave for 3 minutes. And now you have a meal that is good for breakfast!

2. 5-minute mac n cheese – First, you need to cook the macaroni with water and salt for 2 minutes. Then add your milk, cheese, salt, and pepper and cook again for 30 seconds to 1 minute. You’ve unlocked a meal for lunch and even dinner!

3. Barbeque chicken nachos – This meal is good for your late-night study snack.

Get your shredded rotisserie chicken mixed with barbeque sauce. Then spread into your nacho chips. On top of it, you can put your pico de gallo, cheese, etc., then put it into the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Now you don’t need to go out late at night if you’re craving.

A Dorm Life Tip

Your youth shall fade, but the lessons won’t. Now that you have entered independence and ultimate freedom be responsible for taking every step of it. But most importantly, enjoy every bit of it.


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