Arrangements you can’t Ignore for a Dog Pool Party

Arrangements you can’t Ignore for a Dog Pool Party

Arrangements you can’t Ignore for a Dog Pool Party

Your furry friend’s 1st birthday party is nearing and you haven’t got the time to plan
something big. This is disheartening but you can make up for that without stepping
outside your home.

How? Throw a dog’s pool party.

This may sound crazy to some but most pet parents love the idea. Why? Most dogs are
overly excited around water. Not just splashing the water but taking a dive, swimming,
or even biting the water waves.

Running short of time? No big deal. This blog will give you a quick rundown of the
arrangements you simply can’t overlook for the pool party:

1. Get the pool ready

You certainly do not want the dry leaves, twigs, bugs, and other debris floating over the
pool water, right?

A patio enclosure or pool cover eliminates the need for regular pool cleaning and
maintenance, to a great extent. But if you’ve been a lazy bum, then you’ve to do it all by
yourself. Or, ask for help from friends or a handyman to do it for you.

If the pool had long been ignored, bring the professionals on board. From cleaning,
maintaining, to measuring the water pH and chemical balance, everything would be
dealt with complete accuracy.

Arrangements you can’t Ignore for a Dog Pool Party

2. Life jackets

Not all dogs are good swimmers. You may find canines that are nervous to step into the
pool. If the persistent cajoling doesn’t work, lifejackets are a good idea for beginners
and seasoned four-leg swimmers. This also gives humans peace of mind as their dogs
are having water fun.

Having said that, a lifeguard or anyone from the family or guests can supervise the pool
party in case any dog needs help or break from the pool.

3. Toss in some toys and floaters

Dog party without toys? Not happening. Time to open the old closets and toy bags.
Throw in some squeaky toys, chewy toys, frisbee, and tennis balls in the pool. Your dog
might be bored of some of the toys but wouldn’t mind indulging in a tug of war with other
pets over the favorite toys.

Arrangements you can’t Ignore for a Dog Pool Party

Plus, the pool floats are popular among pool owners. The bright and colorful inflatable
flat-bottomed floats are the best thing for dogs to relax and take a break from swimming.
And if you have a sassy dog or fashion-forward furry guests, they might pose for a
birthday pic on the pool floats. Do not miss this once in a blue moon opportunity.

4. Pawsome food

A party without food doesn’t work for humans, let alone dogs. But then you can’t spoil
them with regular oily/spicy snacks and drinks.

Keep the menu dog-friendly. It can have dog-friendly treats like chips and chocolates.
Show some love to the birthday boy or girl. Bake a dog cake and cookies at home. It is
simple and you can find plenty of recipes online.

Drinking water should be kept near the pool. Swimming increases the urge for drinking
water more than often among even dogs.

Keep the food corner for pet owners away from the reach of the dogs.

5. Do not overdo things

We get the birthday party excitement but putting up decorations makes little to no
difference. Birthday caps, balloons, and colorful glitter thermocol decoration balls are

Keep it simple and less chaotic for post-party clean up would become a herculean task
for you. Also, it would matter less to the birthday dog than having pals for a fun evening
in the pool, right?

Wrapping up

Make a quick list of the furry guests. The list need not have dogs who can swim. Many
canines have poolside fun basking under the sun. let them relax on the deck or run
around the pool or patio.

It is a dog party, make them feel extra special. Give them all the attention and shower
with lots of love and cuddles. Do not forget to get some crazy pics for lifetime memories.
Share how was the dog pool party with us in the comments section below.


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