5 Best Bios To Write for Your Dating App

5 Best Bios To Write for Your Dating App

5 Best Bios To Write for Your Dating App

Dating app bios are funny first impressions that are bound to break the ice and get the conversation going. What you write on your bio could help you land someone on the world’s best hook up apps. So you have to make sure your bio says a lot about you in the fewest possible words while keeping it simple and funny. Stop people opt for having their entire CVs post as their bio thinking that will impress possible matches. I hate to break it to you but that’s not the case. If you’re struggling to write a quirky and witty bio, fear no more, this article will provide you with the 5 best bios to write for your dating app.

#5- “Ask Me What I do”

This is a good way to get them to start the conversation. The trick is to have something funny or anecdotal ready to use for when they do ask you. If it’s any easier try posing a different statement, like “ask me what’s my favorite song” or “ask me what sex position I like.” The point is to have fun with it.

#4- “I’m a true romantic, I love long walks to the bar”

This is bound to set the tone and show you’re a person that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Using a witty and playful play on words such as this lets your match know that you are going to be a fun person to hang out with. It also shows that you are a person who loves to go out and have a good time.

#3- “Don’t mind me I’m browsing”

Again, another funny zinger to set the mood. This one-liner could be a bit off-putting so I would think twice before using it. But depending on the kind of person you are this may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Remember the point of this bio is to not take yourself too seriously.

#2- “I don’t even care if you’re a serial killer at this point”

There is nothing worse than wreaking desperation. But at least you can have a laugh at your own expense. Besides, some people might find your brutal honesty brutally cute.

#1- “First date suggestion: Let’s drink till one of us pukes on the other”

If you want to come out of the gates swinging this should be your go-to bio. Let your match know how a lucky first date with you would look like. Which, from the looks of it, is a lot of laughs, tequila shots, and heavy losses of bodily liquids.


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