The 7 Best Coffee Makers of 2021!

The Best Coffee Makers of 2021!

Most of our morning routines start with our favorite choice of a morning beverage. And for most of the working population, it’s coffee. And after all what’s better than a fresh warm brewed cup of coffee, to perk you right up from your morning grogginess and prepare you for your day’s busy schedule. It’s not possible to go to a coffee shop every time you crave a strong aromatic cup of coffee. And let’s be honest, instant coffee never has the same caffeine magic. The only effective solution is a handy coffee maker. Everyone has their individual preferences for how they like their coffee. So here’s a list of various coffee makers that can help you find the right kind for you.

The Best Coffee Makers of 2021!

● Nespresso Vertuo Plus

The Finest Coffee Makers of 2021!

While this may not be the most cost-effective solution if you are someone who enjoys rich crema pod coffee, this may be your best option. The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is extremely easy to function, it’s efficient and it gives you a rich-tasting cup of coffee every time. Make any type of coffee in cups of any size with the help of this elite coffee maker. While there may not be a chance for you to add milk to the machine, it does have a movable water tank that makes the machine portable, and the added compact design lets it be installed anywhere. However, the recyclable pods that the Nespresso Vertuo Plus allows must be of Nespresso and no third-party coffee pod can be used.

● Cuisinart DCC – 3000

The Finest Coffee Makers of 2021!

Cuisinart Coffee makers have always been a popular favorite and rightfully so. The Cuisinart DCC – 3000 is one of the best drip coffee makers that allows you to schedule your coffee-drinking time a day ahead. This machine sports a minimalist, clean design and is a little bulky in size but not in weight. It has an automatic shut-down feature that gets to work when left inactive for long hours. Enjoy a clean, smooth, and fresh cup of coffee every time which is enabled by its charcoal water filter, gold-tone flat filter, and a removable coffee reservoir that facilitates easy cleaning. And the coffee maker itself has a self-cleaning feature.

● Wacaco Nanopresso

The Finest Coffee Makers of 2021!

Many of us office-goers enjoy their coffee on the go. But what if you could have your coffee maker with you as well? The Wacaco Nanopresso works on this exact motive. The lightweight, mini coffee maker design, lets you carry it anywhere providing you a fresh, effortless hand-pumped, café-quality cup of coffee anywhere at any time. The 18 bars of pressure that are used to brew your coffee are what makes it of elite quality. It doesn’t need batteries or charging to work, making it one of the best coffee solutions for your vacations. Brew the finest crema every time with the Wacaco Nanopresso on the go.

● Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

The Finest Coffee Makers of 2021!

The Ninja Specialty coffee maker is a common favorite for versatile coffee makers. The weighty aesthetic design will complement your countertop and the bright luminous coffee maker with clear-labeled buttons also allow easy navigation. You can make your regular brew or iced coffee or your frothy lattes and cappuccinos with the specialty brew option. There are four brewing options – specialty brew, classic, rich, and over ice. And all of these are available in six separate cup sizes. There’s also a design for you if you prefer carafe coffee. You can make your coffee of any temperature, add rich frothy warm, or cold milk to your coffee with minimal effort. In terms of convenience and maintenance as well, the Ninja Specialty coffee maker keeps up its name.

● Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer 12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker

The Finest Coffee Makers of 2021!

Hamilton Beach is another loyal brand name among coffee lovers that has been providing the market with coffee makers that use the latest technology and convenient features creating perfect brews for everyone. The Hamilton Beach 2-way brewer 12-cup programmable coffee maker is a fashionable companion for your kitchen countertop that lets you decide the amount of coffee you want, how strong you want it, and even schedule the time you want it at. The 2-way brewing facility allows you to brew a 12-cup amount and a single cup amount simultaneously. If you are a pod coffee drinker this is for you and if you like freshly ground coffee, this coffeemaker is still for you. The Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee maker truly brings versatility to the coffee game.

● Keurig K-café Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Café coffee maker opens up to homes an affordable coffee maker option that lets you make espressos to lattes and perfectly frothy cappuccinos. This is the mini-café for your home that lets you start a fresh morning with a fresh creamy latte, warm or cold. This machine allows you various size options for your coffee and a milk frother of the premium kind. The machine is also very easily cleaned and has automatic self-cleaning features that help you enjoy fresh coffee every time. If you want variety in your coffee, this is one of your best options on the market. However, carafes or filter coffees are not an option with this particular model.

● Oxo Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold-brewed coffees are the new favoring trend and we are here for it. The Oxo good grips cold brew coffee maker is easily one of your best options for cold even brews. The permanent stainless filter doesn’t need cleaning and if you want your coffee to be completely rid of the slightly acidic taste or oil, you should avail of the optional paper filters. Have a pitcher full of rich, evenly brewed, finely-filtered cold coffee with the OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker. The brewing time takes from 12-24 hours and provides you with premium cold brew concentrate every time. And if you want, you can always add warm water to the mix.

From travel friendly to several tasteful coffee options, coffee makers today are versatile, smart and each has its unique features that make them worth their price. Depending on how you like your coffee, choose the right coffee maker for you and revitalize your schedule with a fresh cup of coffee every morning.


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