Charleston Divorce Lawyer Ken Peck

Charleston Divorce Lawyer Ken Peck

Charleston Divorce Lawyer Ken Peck

Let’s face it. At some point in a marriage, It may be better for two to go in different directions because the relationship is no longer healthy, fulfilling, and unsustainable. There is nothing acceptable about cases of neglect, verbal abuse, or domestic violence. However, due to a large number of unknowns, it is not always easy to take the first step. This is especially true when a child is involved.

Luckily, legal experts like Charleston Divorce Lawyer Ken Peck will guide you every step of the way to ensure that every move you make is in your best interest.


The process of applying for divorce varies from state to state. According to Charleston’s divorce laws, if you are seeking a divorce, you must submit at least three forms to the South Carolina Family Court.

These forms include cover sheets, subpoenas, and complaints. Submitting these forms will start the divorce process, but it’s usually not as easy as it looks. Depending on the complexity of your divorce, you will probably want to hire a divorce lawyer to represent you. This is especially true if you have significant assets or children, or if you bought a house with your spouse. Below are some of the main reasons why you should consider hiring a lawyer to represent you in your divorce.

Determine the grounds for divorce:

One of the main steps a lawyer takes is asking questions to understand and explain the reasons for divorce. Some states allow guilty divorce, which means you can file for divorce based on adultery, incarceration, or abuse. This can have a huge impact on the final settlement of the divorce proceedings.

Objective advice:

Divorce hurts; it’s an emotional process. Lawyers focus on solving problems and giving objective advice to help you through the process.

Martial Asset Accounting And Division:

Lawyers collect records and identify assets and liabilities so that divorce settlements properly handle all types of property. In order to properly distribute the family property, the client is responsible for disclosing all such property. After learning about assets, lawyers can prepare a discussion about the
distribution of assets between spouses and ensure that the distribution is acceptable to each party.

Making Custody Plans And Preparing Divorce Papers:

The lawyer will also handle the case on behalf of the client and, if necessary, resolve disputes related to divorce, spouse support, and child custody.

The Cost of Divorce:

These are types of divorce, such as guilty or negligent divorce, where parties hire lawyers. In addition, the complexity of the case, the degree of the objection of the parties to the division of property support and
guardianship, and other issues. Moreover, it is also based on the timetable of the family courts. The cost ranges from $ 500 to $ 25,000, depending on the severity of the problem and the case. You can save money by not hiring a lawyer, but it’s important to consider the impact of divorce on your life after

We take care of your life after the completion of your divorce.

Our team of lawyers focuses on what life should be like after a divorce is confirmed. Develop the following strategy.

⮚ Reach your goals.
⮚ Divide the property of the spouse for the greatest benefit.
⮚ Strengthen your role in making key decisions about your child under guardianship orders.
⮚ Increase the time you spend with your children as part of a parental divorce plan.
⮚ Survive a divorce with minimal emotional and financial cost.
⮚ And much more.

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