Boost audience engagement on Instagram

Boost audience engagement on Instagram

It is naive to think that a good image and a rich assortment guarantee a high heel. Especially
if the product is not unique and is offered by many competitors.

The winners are those who are already at the stage of first contact with a potential buyer (this
is at the moment when a person sees the product in the Video) engage him/her with a network
of benefits.

Not only are they obvious (discount, Free Shipping, etc.), but they are also hidden. The ability to view the product from different angles is also a benefit. To increase sales efficiency, it is worth looking for a “golden period” for publishing new content. Many places recommend publishing between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Presumably, subscribers are the most active at this time. This is a myth based on very old research conducted on Instagram before the addition of the statistics feature. There is no need to guess. Subscriber metrics show the days of the week and hours with the highest subscriber activity. For example, the work of an SMM manager should be systematized, otherwise he will have to buy real Instagram followers very often in order to achieve account success.

The emergence of opportunities in Instagram to perform automation work.

And every day more and more people are starting to use it, because it is a new and
indispensable tool for attracting new subscribers and automatically “warming up“ the
audience. Most launch their products on Instagram and pre-warm up with content: broadcasts,
posts, stories, etc. each time it takes a lot of time and effort to think about all this, record a
high-quality Video and publish it.

But what if all this is automated?

Do it once and put it in the stream. And now we’re going to introduce you to some new
mechanisms that you can now use effectively on Instagram to engage your subscribers and
increase your reach to a new audience.

How does it work?

Instagram’s algorithms work on the principle: if people show Interest in a post, story or
Video, then this material is interesting and can be useful to other people. Instagram starts by
showing this material to other users who might like it. And the more people like the post, leave comments or simply read it carefully, the more people on Instagram will show this material and perhaps more people will sign up to the account or perform a targeted action.

What can I do?

A person can read a post and write a comment, after which the account will automatically
respond with a specific message or send the user a Bonus in a personal account in Direct. You
can create Mini-games where people write Options in comments, and award a gift for the
correct answer in Direct. You can get an automatic response to any reaction in the story, if a
person responded with a smile, you can automatically thank them in a personal account or
express sympathy. This looks very attractive to people and encourages them to interact more
with your content. You can motivate people to promote your profile in your posts. To do this,
you can configure automatic issuance of a Bonus or other benefits to people who mark your
account in their posts. You can segment people by different types by entering surveys directly
in Direct and save responses to user cards. To increase audience involvement, the initial
results are necessary. It is common practice to buy Instagram followers, likes, comments,
views, etc. This way you can quickly start the process of natural scaling of the profile.
Add a Multilink to your profile.

It is not convenient for everyone to write directly or copy the number from the profile header.
To avoid draining customers, suggest ways to contact them. The Multilink will collect all
methods in one place. The Multilink leads to the store’s Instagram business card with An
indication of possible methods of communication.

Do product review in stories or lives

This not only generates interest, but also saves time and nerves. Craft the Product Review
scenario so that it doesn’t look like a mundane product demonstration on camera. They can
show the nuances of use, tell about the materials, or tell the story of Product Creation. Add
useful information for buyers to the text block Instagram likes – are an interesting topic. In a
dispatch, you can provide a detailed overview of the product and save it to the “relevant”

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