Best Bitport Alternatives for Torrent Downloading in 2021

Best Bitport Alternatives for Torrent Downloading in 2021

Here is a Bitport Alternative providing excellent service in terms of direct torrent download and cloud storage. You can download torrents and stream them directly from any gadget (PC/MAC/iPhone/Android Mobile) if you want.

Because Bitport uses SSL file encryption, your ISP will be unable to track your online activity.
Furthermore, BitPort’s high-quality servers will provide you with continuous service while you’re on the go.

BitPort is also a fantastic company for torrent caching and online downloading via IDM or the downthemall alternative Firefox addon.

So, how can you make use of BitPort? It’s a piece of cake. You must first register here.
BitPort provides up to 2GB of free torrent download accounts. BitPort allows you to download large files and provides you with an unlimited download speed and bandwidth.

Unlike Zbigz and BitPort, servers are significantly faster and less congested.
Its interface is spotless and accessible from any device, such as an Android phone, an iPhone, an iPad, or a computer system. BitPort can also be used to stream videos online.

Best Bitport Alternatives for Torrent Downloading in 2021

In this article, you will learn about Bitport Alternatives, which are detailed below.

BitPort provides a secure control panel with anti-virus check centers to ensure that your torrent download is safe.

With only $5/month, you can enjoy limitless torrent download service from BitPort, as well as a one-month money-back guarantee so that you can be confident in their Premium service quality.
I used their service and found their download speed to be excellent.
If you are a frequent torrent downloader, I recommend the $15/month plan.

Do you frequently download torrent files?
Do you realize your ISP can monitor your torrent projects?

If you do not take your privacy seriously, they will associate your IP address and e-mail address and send you a three strikes notice, and you may end up paying fines or prison time.
We recommend these 5 Best torrent VPNs, which will change your IP address and hide your browsing history, as well as unlock geo-restricted TV shows from Netflix USA or HBO USA, among others. Use these zbigz options to download your gush files, and remember to turn on your VPN for added security. Isn’t that the best way to say it’s safe? Yes, we think so.


Best Bitport Alternatives for Torrent Downloading in 2021

TorrentSafe makes it possible to download torrent files anonymously.
Swift torrent downloader with a very optimized interface that works flawlessly on iPhone and Android devices.

This website appears to be identical to the zbigz website but with more affordable premium plans.
You can download approximately three completely free torrents per month.
There is no need to register, and there are no file size limitations.

If you want unlimited torrents monthly, purchase the premium bundle, which is highly affordable and comes in two packages, regular monthly and annual.


Best Bitport Alternatives for Torrent Downloading in 2021

Offcloud Best Bitport Alternatives is simply the best place to get your favourite gush files. Offcloud has a very responsive interface that can be accessed quickly from any PC, mobile device, or tablet.

You can easily download torrent files with your iPhone, Android gadgets, or Windows Phone.
Offcloud offers speed-fast download speeds, resume support and a completely safe and secure connection to your Torrent download needs.

Your ISP, Office and University Network Administrators will be unable to track your online business due to Offcloud’s Tight Dashboard for each user.
Do you have a torrent data link as well as a magnet link?
Then paste it into the Offcloud Control Panel, and your file will be ready in a few minutes for download from your browser or Download Supervisor.
Its premium account is filthy. For just $1.99 per week, you will receive Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Speed for Huge Size Torrents. I recommend the 12 Months Unlimited bundle for $49.99. So inexpensive, huh? Compare this price to ZbigZ premium.

Overall, I am happy with Offcloud’s Download Speed; it provides the fastest download speed. My ISP allows, as well as unlimited storage, which I have not found on any other comparable sites.
Offcloud will download your torrent file in a matter of minutes, regardless of its size, and you will no extended have to bother about seeders and leechers.


Best Bitport Alternatives for Torrent Downloading in 2021

Filestream is the best free ZbigZ alternative in terms of server quality and download speed.
With file stream, you can download at speeds of up to 1GBPS.
Filestream is a cloud-based download supervisor with a plethora of features and UNLIMITED traffic.
It is one of the best top ZbigZ alternatives in terms of features, quality servers, and download speeds of up to 1Gbps.

As a result, you can download your preferred torrents and magnets anonymously and exceptionally quickly. In addition to torrents and magnets, Filestream supports hundreds of other download sources, such as popular video streaming and file sharing sites.

All connections to FileStream are encrypted, ensuring your privacy.
FileStream supports files up over 100GB in size. But, what makes it different is the capability to download specific files from a torrent archive.
Built-in video gamer and video conversion allow you to download and view your favorite videos directly in your web browser, or you can make videos to your local PC now or using any popular download manager such as IDM.

Customers on Android and iOS can stream movies directly into their smartphone or tablet, or they can download movies to their device and watch them offline.
FileStream’s general goal is to provide high-quality services to their premium customers at some of the lowest rates on the market, starting at just $2/year!!!
However, even their most expensive Gold subscription, which allows you to download files up to 100GB, costs only $8/month and saves you 30% when purchasing yearly plans.

Filestream Best Bitport Alternatives offers a limited number of free subscriptions to try their service, but I would recommend spending $2 to enjoy their bonus points for the entire year!
I tried Filestream myself, and the download speeds were incredible, reaching more than 600Mbps for torrents and magnets.

Downloading files to my local computer was limited to 10Mbps due to my web connection limits, but it was still adequate. As a result, if you purchase exceptional service, you will undoubtedly receive high speeds. Use this PROMOTION code >> uu02ixnnnb when signing up at Filestream.

Summary of the filestream:

  • This cloud-based download supervisor provides free traffic and download speeds of up to 1Gbps.
  • Download torrents and magnets up to 100GB in size.
  • Download from a variety of other sources, such as video streaming and file sharing websites.
  • Choose personal files from torrent archives.
  • Android and iOS clients for online streaming are readily available.
  • Prices begin at only $2 per year!


Sites like ZbigZ are always at the top of the list for downloading torrent data at high speeds and with minimal complications.

I will always suggest Zbigz Best Bitport Alternatives because of its high-speed gush caching for premium features, but for a free user like me, Zbigz cannot help us (150KBPS maximum for free users). ZbigZ servers may occasionally go down, or caching issues may arise.
Therefore, in this part, we will go over some of the best ZbigZ options available.

Don’t be concerned!
There are many best free alternatives to Zbigz that can be used instead of Zbigz and provide relatively high speeds for free. If you need more bandwidth and speed-fast speeds, consider BitPort, Filestream, or PutDrive Premium solutions.


Filesloop is simply the best ZBIGZ alternative that is both complimentary and fast.
Filesloop Premium service is far superior to Zbigz.
The Filesloop Premium story has no download speed restrictions, which is fantastic.
I tested this website by downloading it with the Firefox Downthemall Addon and received more than 40 MBPS.

Filesloop offers 30 days/90 days/180 days Premium Bundles, and when comparing prices, I must say that Seedr is significantly less expensive than any other zbigz alternatives.
You can also pay for premium subscriptions with bitcoin.

Filesloop Best Bitport Alternatives has a very responsive interface. Download your torrent data without any problems, not only from computers but also from mobile/tablets/iPhones and iPads/Android phones, and so on.

You can upload.torrent to Filesloop or paste a Magnetic link, and it will cache the gush and upload the file to your account, and you will receive the Direct Download link after a few minutes.
For speed-fast download speeds, use Web Download Manager or the DOWNTHEMALL Firefox Addon.


PutDrive is one of the best websites for downloading torrents, and a premium solution for downloading from 90+ Submit hosting services.

The treatment is the same.
You must proceed in the same treatment as you did with zbigz.
After you register, copy and paste some Magnet links and uplaod.torrent from your computer to this website, and Putdrive will cache the gush for you.
Putdrive Premium Account allows you to download torrents at lightning speed.
Putdrive will never slow down your download speed.
You can enjoy the Unlimited Premium Gush download service for one month for only 2.69 EUR.

Putdrive Premium Best Bitport Alternatives allows you to download large torrent files, HD video from all video streaming websites, and files from 90+ file-sharing websites.
Putdrive is your all-in-one downloading service.
Putdrive has the most stable servers and the fastest download speeds.

Putdrive has the following advantages:

1. It supports more than 90 file-sharing websites in addition to Torrents.
Using the same account, download from any file-sharing website.

2. The download speed is phenomenal.
You will receive the fastest available speed from your INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER.
I achieved a download speed of 10 MBps.


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