Better Life with Home Automation

Better Life with Home Automation

Automated devices make our lives easier and more comfortable. They help you to save funds,
boost the safety level of your home, and deliver many more benefits that you’d for sure like.
What is home automation though? Those are all the devices that can be controlled remotely.
They are united in a single system working for your benefit. So, let us have a look at how to
boost the quality of your life with home automation.

Thermostat Reduces Costs for Heating

Imagine a device that takes care of your home’s temperature. When you are out, it lowers the
temperature lever to lower the heating expenses. When you are going home, the device
manages the heating system to heat up your home for your arrival.

This device is called a thermostat. It can be adjusted to keep the temperature at your home at a
specific level. Or you can set it up to lower the temperature when you and other family members
are out, and lift it to the comfortable level when you are about to come home.

Benefits? They are evident:

● Reduced costs for heating

● Reasonable consumption of energy

● Comfort

Smart Air Conditioning Will Create the Needed Atmosphere
Before Your Arrival

Air conditioning is another thing that costs significantly. But during hot summer months there is
no other option than to keep it on. So, we just use it.

However, what would you do if you had to go out? Of course, we turn off the air conditioning –
nobody would keep it on just for the sake of returning to a cooled house. For it, we pay with
some discomfort when we return home, and it is heated up. So, we run to turn on the air
conditioning system and wait until we can enjoy the proper temperature.

It can be avoided easily with a smart air conditioning system. You can turn it on from your
mobile device in advance, and enjoy a perfect temperature at home when you are arriving. Or
you can preset the system to turn on about 10-15 minutes before you arrive. It sounds like
something worth the effort, doesn’t it?

Smart Bulbs

Lighting is one more resource that can economize your costs and make your home cozy and
safe. You can set up the smart bulbs to dim the light when no movement is detected for a
specific time. You can program them to turn on at a specific time to imitate somebody’s
presence at home when the home is empty. It is a great trick to frighten off intruders and boost
the safety of your accommodation.

And do you remember the feeling when you come home at night or when you wake up and
need to walk in darkness to switch on the light? With smart bulbs, you can forget about that
unpleasant feeling. When a movement is detected, your smart lighting system will turn on to
make your home more welcoming.

A Motorized TV Lift Is not a Luxury Piece Anymore

A motorized TV lift is still considered a luxury by many people. However, now, you can purchase
a lift without any major issues. The installation can be done by a specialist or even by you if you
have some time and can work with the needed tools.

In return, you get an amazing device that makes your home look fashionable and frees up a lot
of space.

A hidden TV lift that lifts the TV-set from a cabinet and hides it with a push of a button allows
economizing space and protects the expensive device from hits, scratches, etc. You can handle
all the installation on your own – just prepare the following items:

● A cabinet where your new TV -set is going to live

● Wood cutting tools

And proceed with the installation. You can find a lot of extensive video guides on the web.
Choose the one you like most, and do everything as described.

Another option is to prepare a ceiling installation. This installation type is perfect for smaller
rooms where space is scarce. For this installation, you’d need to hire a specialist because some
drilling and fixing electric wires might be needed.

Finally, you can hide a TV-set behind a piece of furniture or just install it on a wall. It is one of
the easiest installations. For them, you need to fix the lift at the needed height, and install the

A Smart Security System

A smart security system is another smart system that will impact the comfort and safety of your
home. Depending on the plan you purchase, you can get different options.

● You might be able to monitor the surroundings and your home via cameras from your
mobile app. It will help you to boost the house security level and alarm the needed
services in case of emergency.

● You can purchase a plan with 24/7 monitoring. When something suspicious happens, a
company operator will alert the required services even if you aren’t available at the
moment. It is probably the safest choice even if it costs a little bit higher.

● Finally, you can install sensors on your doors and windows, and they will activate the
alarm in case somebody decides to break in.

An automated locking system is another option to boost the safety of your home and increase
the comfort. If you are expecting guests while you aren’t at home, you usually provide them with
a spare key. But what if they lose or forget the key? A smart locking system prevents this
potential issue. You can provide your guests with a code to enter the home when you aren’t in.
They do not have a key, so they do not have what to lose while keeping the access to your
accommodation. When no more access is needed, you just delete the code.

A Height-Adjustable Desk Can Change the Way You Work

Do you still use a traditional desk for your daily work routine? Then, you might know those pains
in the back and neck that come after every couple of hours of sitting at the desk. These are not
the only drawbacks of working in a sitting position. You can prevent many health issues and
increase the efficiency of your work by purchasing a standing desk.

You can use a special tool online called a desk builder (the name might differ by different
manufacturers but the idea is the same) to construct a perfect desk online. You can choose one
desk component after another step by step. Once done, you can move to checkout and buy the
item you have constructed.

If you are in doubt whether a height-adjustable desk isn’t too much for your budget, you can
build an item on your own. You’d need to buy a lift system only. The desk top can be used from
an old desk. You can choose your favorite furniture piece to enjoy the item to the full extent. Fix
the top to the lift system, check whether everything works as expected, tighten the screws, and
your new desk is ready!

An Adjustable Bed to Boost Your Sleep Comfort

If you are still sleeping in a usual bed, it might be just the time to make a change. While earlier,
nobody would even think about building an adjustable bed, now, these items are growing in
popularity. The reason for it is simple. An adjustable bed (we mean a quality item) can boost the
sleep experience.

It is believed that if you use a quality adjustable bed, you can get rid of snoring, too.
While a good adjustable bed is not a cheap item, a reliable manufacturer will always have
several options available for you to choose based on your budget. So, just move on and invest
in your health – we all know that the better your sleep is, the healthier you are. Needless to
mention that it is a good investment into your productivity at work and good mood.

Motorized Blinds Make Your Home More Efficient

Motorized blinds are another item that makes your home run more efficiently. How? Just think:
when you leave your home, and the weather is too hot, your home is heated up during the day.
It happens because your blinds stay in the same position. When the sun starts hitting your
windows, the room heats up.

You might want to leave the air conditioning on and keep the temperature in the room stable. It
is connected with additional expenses though. Or you might automate your windows blinds.
They will change the position depending on where the heat source (the sun) is located and thus,
prevent the room from heating up.

Bottom Line

The mentioned automation ideas are not the only ones you can use to improve your home and
the way you live. Now, modern technology allows automating just everything. Check what
causes discomfort, and automate the items to eliminate it. Have a look around to see what can
be improved, and automate the things to boost the quality of your life. Find out how home
automation can be useful for your specific case, and move on.

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