Best 5 Twitter Marketing Tips and Strategies For 2021

Best 5 Twitter Marketing Tips and Strategies For 2021

Best 5 Twitter Marketing Tips and Strategies For 2021

Doing Social Marketing? Then don’t cross Twitter off your target list, as this is your chance to improve your copywriting skills. Unlike other social networks, this one poses a kind of challenge: not only to be able to create engaging, meaningful, and interesting content but also to keep within 280 characters.

In this article, we’ll talk about the various Twitter tips and features you can use to improve your marketing techniques and expand your organic reach.

Twitter Tips And Strategies

Below are some tips for Twitter marketing.

1. Chats

Twitter chats are public discussions in which users tag their posts with a specific hashtag so that everyone can follow and participate in the discussion. Many people think that there is no constant engagement on Twitter, like Facebook or Instagram, but chats dispel this misconception: Twitter is a huge open forum. And most importantly, the users you interact with here are happy to participate in discussions. You just need to start them or participate in existing chats that are important and relevant for users to follow and respond to.

Tips for Working With Twitter Chats

  • Search for and actively participate in your industry chats.
  • Come up with something interesting and exciting and start your own chat. Oftentimes, the discussions your brand needs haven’t started yet, and you can fix it. At the same time, you will increase your visibility much better than if you participate in existing chats.
  • Share valuable content and add value to your conversation with potential buyers. With just 280 characters at your disposal, you need to write tweets that are related to your brand, easy to read, and engaging with users.
  • Read other people’s tweets and interact with people directly: to create content that they really read and use, it is useful to study your target audience, their interests, needs, and fears.

2. Holiday/Event Hashtags 

Plan and create your content ahead of time, especially when it comes to holidays or special events, so you can work on it and get the most out of trendy hashtags and themes. For example, New Year’s tweets should be ready in early December. As the holiday draws near, use popular hashtags and do real-time marketing. This is how you post your content when the hype is in full swing, and you won’t be late.

3. Conversations

Many brands on Twitter are one-dimensional: their tweets consist only of titles with links, jokes, or inspirational quotes. But Twitter is a communication space.

Write About What They Want to Answer: Interesting content grabs attention, and people like to feel like they are connected to it. Therefore, in order to be answered, the content must be interesting – entertaining or educational.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Links: it is essential to add your thoughts and ideas. To utilize the full potential of the platform, write down what is interesting about the material you are linking to. People need to know this before they follow the link. Your thoughts here are like a book cover, and whether we like it or not, people judge a book by its cover.

Answer others: Marketers often only care about follower count, but without engagement, it’s just a number. From the very beginning, Twitter was built for personal communication, and you should engage your audience on a daily basis. Your followers’ tweets are a treasure trove of information about their interests, needs, preferences, and so on. Read, study, and offer exactly what they need.

Talk to Users Directly: Research shows that 42% of consumers wait an hour for a response on social media. Answer promptly and politely, just as you would answer in person or over the phone. It’s helpful when people share your tweets, like and follow you, and to keep the followers happy, you should respond in kind: tag them with tags, including @mention, and bring in some traffic for them too.

Connect With Industry Leaders Using @mention: To get industry leaders to notice you, mention them in your tweet. They may even share what you have written about them.

Show Your Personality: Your tweets should have character: Twitter users want to connect with real people.

Use Marketing Tweets: When you want a certain tweet to reach a large audience, you can pay to get it to reach more people. Promote specific tweets so they will be shared more often.

4. Video

Twitter is not the most popular video marketing platform, but you shouldn’t neglect it: there are several options for working with video here.

Live Videos and Periscope: To get started, try out the native video creation features: you can record a video up to 140 seconds long and upload it directly to your feed.

The second option is Periscope, a live video streaming app owned by Twitter. Periscope integrates with Twitter, so your videos appear in subscriber feeds and are available for viewing after the recording ends.

Video Answers: If you want to make your replies more personal and customized, record a video instead of a standard tweet. Video responses are better at engaging, standing out, and allowing the brand to have a human face. Very few brands record video responses so that this approach will give you an edge over the competition.

Questions and Answers: Continuing with the previous one, this tactic takes social media communication with customers to the next level. If your brand is more or less famous and you have a lot of followers, they probably have questions for you – and you can reply to them on Twitter. Many brands are already answering questions in chat rooms, and videos will spice up the process and make the user experience even more personal.

Educational Videos: People love content that tells them something useful, and Twitter is a great platform for posting that kind of content. 30 seconds is seemingly too short to fully reveal your topic, but in practice, thanks to this limitation, videos become simpler and, therefore, clearer.

Teasers: One of the best promotion strategies is to inspire anticipation and get people talking about you. Teasers are short videos so that you can do it well in 30 seconds. They can be used when you are releasing a new product, content, organizing an event, or anything else that you want to generate buzz around. There should be enough information in the teaser for the audience to become interested and wait for the appointed day.

Popular Topics: Most of the people who will see your tweet are followers. However, you can tweet about a popular topic or include a popular hashtag in it so that the tweet appears in the feeds of millions of users. To make these tweets more engaging, use video instead of plain text or images.

Entertainment: One of the main tasks of Twitter is to entertain users. Based on apps like Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat, video is one of the best ways to create entertainment content, and that’s why many big brands on Twitter create custom video clips for advertising and branding.

The video allows you not to poke the viewer into your product. For example, an advertisement for American Idol does not require you to watch this show or even mention the date and time of its broadcast: this is just an interesting clip that reminds you of American Idol without imposing anything.

Seize the Moment: Something extraordinary has happened, and your story will only be believed if you film it? It happens, and it’s the perfect opportunity to make a Twitter video that can go viral and get everyone’s attention.

Behind the Scenes: Every brand needs transparency to attract more followers and customers, and one way to achieve this is by filming a video of what is happening in your company behind closed doors. You don’t need expensive equipment and professional lighting: “raw” honest video increases brand loyalty. With Twitter, this is especially easy: just tap the Record button and then send a tweet. It could be a clip from a meeting of your team, or the process of creating a product, or some other part of your work that is usually not visible to customers.

5. Monitor Your Metrics

Remember to keep track of what your audience responds to best. To do this, there is a Tweet Activity button under your tweets.

Take details of what’s working and what isn’t working on your Twitter profile by doing an in-depth review of your analytics. There are many Twitter analytics tools help by allowing you to:

  • Analyze hashtag performance
  • Analyze individual Tweet performance
  • Analyze your individual Twitter audience

Finding out which Tweets are performing the best will give you an idea of the type of content in which your audience is most interested. This information is useful in creating a strategy that maximizes the reach and engagement of the audience on your Tweets and gives your audience what they’re looking for in your content.


Now you know what works and doesn’t work on Twitter. Use the recommendations from this article and increase your profits.

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