Beacons and Proximity Marketing: The Facts You Need to Know

Beacons and Proximity Marketing: The Facts You Need to Know

Beacons and Proximity Marketing: The Facts You Need to Know

As competition heightens, marketing becomes a vital step in establishing business success. Aside
from social media marketing, the demand for marketing technologies such as beacons helps prompt proximity marketing. In numbers, it’s expected for the beacon industry will grow to $35.15 billion by 2027.

Are you looking for what beacons can do for you? Keep reading to find out everything you need to

What Are Beacons?

Beacons are Bluetooth devices sending signals to neighboring devices.

They’re small devices repeatedly broadcasting signals every 1/10th of a second. Much like how sailors see the lighthouse, devices such as smartphones “see” beacons.

Beacons are great because they have lots of uses. They can help with customer engagement,
analysis, and store promotion. It also works anywhere from offices, airports, and even hotels.

How Can You Use Beacons in Proximity Marketing?

As smartphones become deeply integrated with everyday life, it’s no wonder almost everyone carries one wherever they go. It makes Proximity Marketing with beacons effective. To better understand what we mean, consider the situation below.

You’re searching for the terms “black vintage dress” and a google search ad appears. You click on the ad and browse the product. Liking what you saw, you decide to visit your physical shop.
The business has a beacon on its physical shop. When you enter the shop, your phone will pick up an identifier their beacon transmits.

It’s true for everyone with the relevant app on their devices. So long as the person is within the
coverage range of the beacon, they will receive its transmitted messages.

Taking Advantage of Beacons

Take advantage of this function by customizing the message and promote your shop. Input any
important info like discounts and promo alerts into the beacon. Anyone within the range of your
beacon will receive this notification.

It will help everyone become aware of your offer, enticing them to visit your shop. You can also use
Google beacons to make them notice your shop is near their location. By doing so, you can help
promote your shop and attract potential customers near you.

Beacons are also great tools for tracking consumer activities, helping you understand their behaviors.

You can also learn about new and returning visitors and how many times they viewed your campaign. Google beacons can help gather data on visitor age, gender, and location heat maps. All prove vital in analyzing customers, helping you come up with a marketing strategy. For proximity beacons to work, consumers should install the relevant application on their device.

Improve Your Business With Beacons Today

Beacons not only help with customer data collection but also prove vital in delivering campaigns. They help deliver proximity marketing campaigns to potential customers based on their location.

It’s useful for small businesses looking to increase brand awareness. If you’re looking for effective aid in proximity marketing, consider getting beacons for your business.

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