Away From Home: Making Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Feel Like Home

Away From Home: Making Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Feel Like Home

It has once been said that home is where the heart is. Home is not a single place but a feeling. Home is where you and your loved ones feel comfortable, safe, and happy. It is where you share memories, emotions, love, and laughter. While deciding to move your loved one into a nursing home is difficult, it does not mean they have to lose the feeling of what it means to be at home. Of course, moving anywhere new can cause a dreadful sense of being homesick, but luckily there are plenty of ways to make your loved ones feel safe, comfortable, and happy in their new environment.

So whether you are looking to give your loved one’s room a classy touch or design it to resemble their old place, here are the top tips and tricks to make a nursing home feel like home.

Understand The Restrictions

The first thing you need to do is figure out the rules and regulations when it comes to decorating a room. All nursing homes are different and have varying rules to ensure the safety of their residents. However, if you feel there are unfair regulations and that the nursing home is acting negligently, contact a lawyer who can advocate for your older adult today.  At the same time, it is important to speak to a staff member about your ideas and see if they can help you make them happen. Once you have a strong understanding of what is and isn’t allowed, you can develop a plan on how to make your loved one’s room feel like home.

Add Their Style

When it comes to decorating, everyone has their own style. Remember it is not your room, it is theirs, so it is important to consult with your loved one to see what they would want. If they are having a hard time explaining their style, look at old photos for inspiration and surprise them with their old decorating techniques.

Bring Their Favorite Furniture

One of the best ways to make their room feel like home is by moving their actual furniture in with them. If the nursing home allows it bring your loved one’s favorite chair, love seat, and dresser. Having familiar pieces of furniture can help your loved one adjust to their new room and feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Decorate With Family Photos

A great way to personalize your loved one’s room is by decorating their walls with family photos, artwork, and other familiar pictures. Having personal pictures spread around their room is an easy way to ease homesickness and surround your loved one with warm memories even when you are not with them. In addition, photos on the wall are a great conversation starter and can help your loved ones be more socially active with their caretakers and other residents that visit them throughout the day.

Provide a Familiar Smell

According to Live Science, familiar smells not only bring back old memories but the emotions associated with those memories. When setting up your loved one’s room, bring flowers and any scented plugins and essential oils they used at their old place. Not only will this make their room smell like home, but it will provide a comfortable feel-good setting for your loved one.

Incorporate Their Interests

Another way to make your loved ones feel at home is by incorporating their interests into their room as much as you can. If they love music, surprise them with a record player and a few of their favorite records. If they love reading, install a bookshelf into their room stocked with their favorite books. Providing the opportunity to enjoy their passions not only helps them feel comfortable but can keep them active and healthy.

Make New Memories

While following these tips will provide a strong sense of familiarity and bring back old memories for your loved one, it is essential to make new ones. Bring family members along on your visits and enjoy activities together in their new room to make them feel at home.


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