Are Protein Supplements Good for Health?

Are Protein Supplements Good for Health?

Are Protein Supplements Good for Health?

Nutritional supplements have become a new norm with the increase in demand for different fitness regimes. Whether you aim to have a well-carved body or want to manage the weight of your body, people are looking for nutritional supplements that can help them achieve the desired outcome. One of the popular choices is a protein supplement. These supplements are rich in necessary protein that helps in building muscles and losing weight.

Although protein powders have become very popular, there is certain apprehension surrounding their use and their impact on health. This blog covers all the necessary information on protein supplement.

What is a protein supplement?

Proteins play an important role in building muscles of the body. For a healthy body, one must meet the daily protein requirement. Protein powder is a popular nutritional supplement. You can find various types of protein powder in the market and there are different flavours available too. Although protein powder is good for your health, you cannot just keep on consuming this powder unsupervised. The following segments highlight the details about protein supplement and their use.
Key benefits of protein supplement:

1. Weight management and muscle growth- One of the key uses of protein supplement is to help in weight management. Eating food rich in protein and taking protein supplements will make you feel full for longer period of time. This will curb your hunger, and help in managing your weight. As per a review report published in 2017, consuming protein supplements may reduce body weight and total fat mass in overweight people. It has also been found useful in reducing cholesterol level and blood pressure. Another reason that makes consuming protein supplements good for your health is that it promotes muscle growth. It is because of this reason that many athletes consume protein shakes after strength training.

2. Recovery after exercise- protein has also proven to help repair damaged tissues. It is because of this reason that athletes use protein powder to speed up the recovery process. The normal intake of protein for people aged 19 years is 46 gm (female) and 56 gm (male). But the diet that we follow is sometimes insufficient to meet this mark, and hence, even the doctors might recommend you sourcing this protein requirement via supplements.

Protein is the building block of the body; it helps build muscles and ensure that you are able to maintain the right body weight. But we recommend that you must not start consuming these supplements without consulting your doctor. Consuming the supplements in the right quantity is important because too much of protein also has its side effects.

Types of protein powder

If you start exploring the options, you will find different protein powder options in the market. Some of the popular categories include:

● Whey- It is a water-soluble protein. It contains the right amount of amino acid that a human body
needs. The body absorbs why protein easily.

● Casein- It is rich in glutamine which helps in recovering after exercise. The digestion of this protein takes time, and hence, it’s advisable to consume this protein at night.

● Soy- It is a good alternative to casein. It is good for those who cannot consume dairy-based protein.

● Pea- It is a plant-based protein and is a good source of amino acid arginine.

● Hemp- Hemp seeds contain fatty acids and are a good choice for those who are allergic to soy or dairy protein.


This was the basic information related to a protein supplement, and if you are planning to build muscles or lose weight, then you can opt for protein powders. We hope this article has helped you understand protein supplement in simpler words.

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