Better Manage Your Activity With A Business Mobile Applicatio

Better Manage Your Activity With A Business Mobile Applicatio

Business mobile applications are proving their worth. The figures show it. In
2018, the global business mobile application market was worth $ 101 million. It
is expected to reach 140 million in 2023. (source: Global Mobile Enterprise
Business Applications Revenue Forecast 2018-2023)

What is a Business Mobile Application?

A business application is specific to each company. It responds to a problem
observed within the organization. It is therefore B2E: Business To Employee
(internal use).

But why a mobile application when solutions already exist on the
web? Mobility means accessibility anytime, anywhere.

Practical, when our employees are itinerant (salespeople, delivery drivers,
inventory manager, maintenance / operational technicians, etc.)! But it’s not
all about business. Communities and public bodies can also take advantage
of this, in particular, to improve relations with citizens or optimize
administrative procedures.

Concretely, what is it for?

A business mobile application, a real tool, is used on a daily basis. It allows you
to manage your business more efficiently, and to achieve your goals faster (or
even exceed them). How? Or What?
At the level of data: They are harmonized (the data collected is centralized in
a back-office). In addition, their entry is instantaneous and
dematerialized. Yes, no more paper clutter!
In terms of communication:

● Contact between employees facilitated: thanks to an integrated company
directory for example.
● Improved internal communication: through news posted, etc.
● Accelerated information dissemination: With the sending of notifications, all
employees are informed at the same time.

This process optimization saves time and increases the productivity of
employees, whether they are in the field or in their office. This is how we get a
better ROI (return on investment).

For the best business mobile

application, it is necessary to…
In order to have an effective business application, several steps must be
taken. First, think about it upstream. Then prepare it. And then, it’s not over…

BEFORE: Ask yourself the right questions

Before even planning your business mobile application, you have to ask
yourself: What is the problem in my organization?

Is the encountered by a large panel of people?

How do we fix it for now?

Once this diagnosis has been made, look for:

● What equipment is best suited to those who will be using this application (tablet,
smartphone, or both)?

● How often will the app be used? For how long?

To answer all of these questions, consult your employees! After all, they will be
the first users. Also, make sure they are comfortable with mobile use.

DURING: Knowing what to put in

Depending on the issue, the features to add variety. Focus on those that are
essential for your business. Do your employees need a system of geolocation,
notifications, chat, take pictures…?

For example: if the business application will serve as a brochure for your
salespeople, augmented reality is an asset. Indeed, presenting its products to
its customers in the digital version is an innovative technique. This also allows
you to update your catalog more easily, and save money (no more paper

Finally, to be sure that the application is a success, have it tested by those for
whom it is intended.

APR È S: The update

In order to guarantee its sustainability, an application must be regularly
updated. To do this, take user feedback into account. These will enlighten you
on the relevant features to add, or the bugs to correct. Then, be sure to
communicate (by e-mail, memo) the changes made to the application to its

Thought by you, designed by us

Who better than an agency expert in Dallas mobile app development
the company can help you create your business application?

Examples of business apps made by Squirrel

● Air Austral is a Réunion airline. Following many difficulties encountered (manual
tasks without added value, frequent errors, and omissions, poor transfer of
information), she wishes to have her own forms management tool. The business
application (on iPad) processes, archives, and uses the results of flight crew
forms. 4 entities have access to it: basic user, trainer, and auditor and
. [foogallery id = ”7251 ″]

● KEHS is a business application in the industrial sector (on iPad).

Thanks to it, we can create documentation in order to share improvements, train
teams in the video, and qualify people in the field. The application is configurable
according to the use case (several possible risk levels). Among the features:
integration of graphs representing the progress of the various evaluations made,
blurred face when recording a video, photo, and video annotation.

● Castres Equipment is a company specializing in the construction and
maintenance of service stations. Equipped with the Castres Management System
(CMS) a management software package, it has “become a pivotal organizational
support for the company”. Because of its possibilities for real-time equipment
fleet management, intervention planning, and internal and external information
The business application (on a tablet, Android) is used by Castres Equipment
technicians. It allows them:
– to know their planning and intervention zones,
– to make their report, by the station and by the pump, during the equipment check. Once
the report is established, the customer signs directly on the tablet. The report is
then sent to the company’s information system for processing.
– taking a photo and annotating the images.

At your turn

At Squirrel, we do not do half-measures but tailor-made. We know how to
adapt to your activity, its specificities, and your objectives. Our line of
action? Your vision. Ultimately, the app will be 100% you.

We support you from the start: we can help you define the functionalities
specific to your needs, etc. Until the end: we guarantee your application for a
specific period of time and we offer you a maintenance contract for updates.

Finally, note that with us your data is safe. Indeed, in accordance with the
new GDPR policy, you will know in complete transparency what we do with
your information.


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