A Shutterbug’s Guide To The Different Types Of Photography In The World

A Shutterbug’s Guide To The Different Types Of Photography In The World

A Shutterbug’s Guide To The Different Types Of Photography In The World

In today’s digital world, it is necessary to understand the different types of photography. There are many benefits to learning photography types. It will help you find the right photographer for your pictures. A shutterbug always wants to grow and capture pictures impossible to find.

Nowadays, home décor brands provide the best discount offers for buying different types of photos. Therefore, you can understand the different types of photography below and select the one you want to practice.

The Different Types of Photography

Most photographers master the art of capturing one or two types of pictures. Nevertheless, you will love to experiment with a myriad of photography types. From snapping a gigantic tree to capturing a little worm, every particle on this planet can be your object behind the lens.

Abstract Photography

You may also know abstract photography as concrete, experimental, and conceptual photography. In abstract photos, a person may use light, shadows, colours, texture, and shape to snap an impression, expression, or feeling. It does not own an actual image of any object or scene.

Abstract photographers take shots that do not associate with a particular object. These are captured by isolating natural objects or scenarios creatively.

Adventure Photography

By comparison, adventure photography is easy to understand than abstract one. This type of photography includes pictures of amazing adventures usually happening outdoors. It most probably includes stunning landscape captures and enthusiastic travellers.

Besides, adventure photographers also capture impossible shooting locations that are adversely affected by the weather. Professionals working under this niche snap pictures of hiking, backpacking, camping, and biking.

Fashion Photography

One of the oldest types of photography is fashion photography. It caters to the industry for a long time and serves promotional purposes. Fashion shots are captured by recording divas and hunks wearing fashion brands. Most probably, these are taken in studios, fashion walks, and exotic locations.

Fashion photographers require excellent quality gears such as softbox lighting, backdrop, high-quality lens, etc. Sometimes, they work with beauticians and fashion experts to embrace a picture. This photography type ranges from taking pictures of the latest trends to capturing the retro era.

Business Photography

In today’s world, business photos are an iconic way to cater to the growth of businesses. This among the different types of photography that support the marketing and promotion of brands. You can capture the photos of brand owners, employees, products, meetings, and services.

Portrait, lifestyle, product, and candid photography sometimes fall under this category. Business photographers often capture images that can be later used for company websites and brochures.

Cityscape Photography

A parallel type of urban photography is cityscape photography. It includes pictures of city skylines or departments from a metropolitan area. One can snap these pictures during day or night as they feature a prominent section of the city.

Most probably, wide-angle lenses are used to undergo this type of photography. Cityscape photographers use tripods at a high rate to snap such images. From higher elevations to denser areas, everything matters in these shots.

Creative Photography

When discussing the different types of photography, creative photography is considered difficult to define. It is made of up plenty of techniques and concepts. Professionals use creative compositions to capture images that cater to this genre.

Some popular examples of this type are crystal ball and fisheye lens photography. Mainly, creative photographers try to manipulate the perspective of their shots by experimenting with textures, filters, motion blurs shutter speed, and opacity.

Editorial Photography

You will most probably find editorial photography catering to magazines and newspapers. It falls under the media industry and includes multiple aspects of sports, fashion, and events. By using such photos, professionals try to illustrate newsworthy and educational stories.

Editorial photographers follow a specific licensing model. Their pictures accompany text that helps to explain the visual concept of every capture. Remember, you cannot use editorial captures for selling any commodities unless you have an appropriate model.

Food Photography

When you look forward to editorial, commercial, and still-life photos, food photography is something that connects easily. In this type of photo, the object is what matters. No matter it is the photoshoot of fresh ingredients, plated recipes, or kitchenette sequences. Everything you need to capture is food.

Food photographers majorly work with food stylists, art directors, and prop masters to snap a million-dollar shot. Capturing food is difficult at times. You must know the art of changing shots at 45-degree angles. Try to focus on plates, dishes, and showcase extreme close-ups.

The Takeaway

The different types of photography are difficult to confine in an article. Photography is a deep world of talented people where everything, existing and non-existing can be seen behind the lens. You cannot master every type of photography in the world. Nevertheless, knowing about most of these can help you connect with the right people.


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