A Detailed Evaluation of the New HONOR Smart Watch

A Detailed Evaluation of the New HONOR Smart Watch

A Detailed Evaluation of the New HONOR Smart Watch

I. What is the Core Value of Smart Watches?

Health management and exercise of smartwatches are very important functions. For example, health management, accurate detection performance, and excellent detection algorithms are the core values. However, many people cannot persist in sports because they have not seen obvious results, thus damaging the enthusiasm of sports. In fact, sports are of course important, but targeted sports and sports that can obviously improve the state are the main driving forces.

On this point, the new HONOR Watch has done quite well. Its various test data are more accurate and these core functions are better done.

II. Color Value and Wearing Experience

A Detailed Evaluation of the New HONOR Smart Watch

This watch looks good. The surface of the screen is covered with 2.5 D glass, which looks fresh, elegant, and round. A large square screen of 1.64 inches is used, accounting for 70% of the screen.

The proportion of high screens on the square dial displays more content while keeping the watch body small. The width is only 30 mm. Watch is only 21 g. The total weight of the watchband is only 34 g. Weight and width are well controlled, feeling very light, and comfortable to wear. The watch’s screen is 456*286 pixels and 326 PPI resolution.

III. Endurance and Charging

Charging adopts magnetic attraction fast charging. The typical use lasts for up to 10 days. Heavy usage lasts 7 days. After a few days of testing, the original 70% power consumption is still 21%, and the endurance is quite good. Magnetic attraction charging is also quite convenient. Charging can reach 70% of the electricity in half an hour. In case of emergency, charging for 5 minutes can be a standby for one day.

A Detailed Evaluation of the New HONOR Smart Watch

IV. Specific Functions and Use

The new HONOR Watch has a variety of custom dials. Users can choose different styles
according to their preferences and display more different content. The normal situation is the wrist lifting and bright screen design. Don’t display content when not in use. But at this time, a black screen may make people feel that there is something wrong with it. Choose a standby dial, which looks more beautiful. However, it is worth noting that the endurance will be shortened by half. But fortunately, the endurance is very good. It can be changed every few days, so it is not a problem.

V. Summary and Evaluation

To sum up, from the test experience during this period, the new HONOR Watch is very good. Compared with this price, it has a good configuration, more accurate detection data, detailed sports courses, and good endurance. The new HONOR Watch is a good choice.


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