8 Cities That Smoke The Most Weed In The World

8 Cities That Smoke The Most Weed In The World

The planet comprises top-notch biodiversity in the form of flora and fauna. Amongst the species,
each one possesses variable characteristics and properties. Some psychedelic plants found in
nature emerge to be of use in many aspects. One such plant, namely cannabis, is utilized both
for recreational as well as medicinal purposes. In recent times, the trend of cannabis
consumption increased two to three folds. Most of the countries are legalizing the psychedelic
substances due to its chemical and medicinal properties.
Here are the top regions that rank the highest in the list of cannabis consumption and usage.

8 Cities That Smoke The Most Weed In The World

1. Barcelona

8 Cities That Smoke The Most Weed In The World

Around 10% of the population in Barcelona consumes pot regularly. Although the herb is illegal
in the country, the local authorities seem to be quite tolerant. You are likely to come across
cannabis clubs lined along the attractive streets in the city. Along with this, it boasts stunning
landscapes and natural aesthetics that enhance your smoking experiences. Not to forget, Spain
possesses the perfect topography and climatic conditions for the cultivation of cannabis.
Due to this, you can get your hands on the best quality weed in the cannabis clubs. However,
make sure to get a membership beforehand as the reservations close down two months earlier.
Also, cover up the famous attractions like Barri Gòtic and Casa Mila if you happen to the city for
your cannabis tour.

2. Amsterdam

There’s no doubt in the fact that cannabis consumption might be high in The Netherlands.
Amsterdam possesses a rich cannabis culture as more than 5% of the population indulges in it.
You might also come across the ecstatic coffee shops that offer high-quality cannabis here.
With the growing trend of cannabis in the city, you will likely experience the best weed tourism
here. However, you must keep in mind that the herb is illegal and refrain from smoking pot in
public places. All you need to do is get high in your hotel and head out to explore the city’s
popular spots. Also, High Supplies is a leader in the Cannabis industry in 2020, and you can
grab your share of cannabis from here as well.

3. Toronto

Here’s the place that legalized the consumption of cannabis back in 2018 itself. With more than
25% population entertaining weed, Toronto is likely to emerge as the top weed consuming city.
From the modern city vibes to the mountains’ natural aesthetics, you can experience it all in the
region. Also, get your hands on the fine quality cannabis belonging to diverse strains and
species. Some varieties that you must try out are AK-47 and harlequin.
Along with this, traverse the famous spots like CN Tower and Toronto Islands to gratify the
wanderlust within. You might plan a full-fledged cannabis tour and get an insight on the
cannabis culture of the city. Not only will it tick off one place in your bucket list, but it also allows
you to try different weed variants.

4. Portland

8 Cities That Smoke The Most Weed In The World

Yet another city that occupies the list of top weed regions in the world is Portland. Around
13.32% of people consume cannabis regularly in Portland. Also, the city is one of the major
cities in the US. This shows the promising contribution of the herb for the economy. Not only
does it enhance the tourism sector, but it also acts as the basis of revenue through the
inhabitants of the place. Make sure to cover up the region on your weed tour to fetch the high-
quality weed and explore the cannabis traditions.

5. Montevideo

If there’s one country that took the stand to legalize cannabis first, then that is Uruguay. Due to
the pioneering step, it’s not surprising to find the capital city Montevideo in the maximum
consumer’s list. The place lies between the major countries like Argentina and Brazil. Hence, it
shares the appropriate climate for the production as well as the cultivation of cannabis.
According to statistics, more than 12% of people consume weed regularly in the city. You might
consider traversing the Caribbean vibes and turquoise beaches on your cannabis tour. Also, try
getting your hands on high-quality weed and improve your collection.

6. Phnom Penh

When you think of spiritual temples and mouth-watering Malay cuisine, Phnom Penh might
come into your mind. The city ranks relatively high on the cannabis consumption scale as well.
With more than 3% of the population consuming cannabis in the country, it is likely to be higher
in the capital city. Over the years, the region emerged as the most calming weed destination all
over the world. You can find the relaxing natural spots and a never-ending list of spiritual sites.
Make sure to try out the cannabis pizza after you land in the city for the perfect blend of
euphoria and taste.

7. Reykjavík

8 Cities That Smoke The Most Weed In The World

As per the statistics, Iceland ranks on top of the list of cannabis consuming cities worldwide.
While the herb is illegal in the city, the citizen seems to be quite fond of the euphoria. Almost
18% of the country’s population consumes cannabis now and then for a variety of purposes. In
case you wish to try out cannabis from different regions, make sure to traverse Reykjavík for the
perfect blend of quality and quantity. Also, try covering up the attractions like Harpa and Perlan
for the best smoking experience ever.

8. Fort Collins

Here’s the city in Colorado that utilizes the therapeutic and recreational abilities of cannabis at
the maximum levels. Around 13% of the population smokes pot in Fort Collins, and the number

increases daily. You are likely to find good-quality cannabis without any hassles in the city. This
is due to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the region. Other than this city,
many other cities rank quite high on the list. Some of them are Yuma, Denver, and Aspen
making the country a top weed destination globally.

Bottom Line

The cannabis trend seems to grow quite fast due to the legalization in many parts of the world.
You can come across many cities in the list of major weed-consuming regions. Most of them
belong to countries like colorado and continents like Europe. Also, Iceland ranks on the top with
more than 18% population savoring the qualities of cannabis. Other than this, some cities like
fort collins, Toronto, and Barcelona also rank relatively high when it comes to cannabis. Make
sure to include these cities in your weed tourism for an enthralling and effortless experience.

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