7 Ways to Stop Buffering When Streaming Videos

7 Ways to Stop Buffering When Streaming Videos

Video streaming has been popular for a while as it offers ease of access through any device. Whether it be YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, people are inclined more towards these video streaming websites. We cannot deny the importance of high-speed internet to stream videos without buffering.

However, when it comes to the internet, you might face buffering while streaming videos. The reasons are plenty, and without knowing what to do, you might end up in sheer frustration. The purpose of writing this article is to help you deal with buffering issues and stream your favorite movies and TV shows without breaking a sweat.

Let’s find out what you could do when the annoying little icon appears on your screen. Stay tuned and continue reading until the end.

Close other Programs

While streaming videos some programs and applications you might be some other programs and applications, which might lead to buffering issues. Especially the programs running in the background may reduce the performance as they consume a lot of system memory. For instance, a torrent running in the background might disrupt the internet by sending pings to download data. And if you have opened several tabs on your browser, video streaming may not perform as well as it should be.

If you are facing buffering issues, make sure to close all the unnecessary software and applications. You can simply access task manager in Windows and look for apps running in the background. Some of them might be running on your system without you knowing. The best way is to stop the programs from consuming much of the system’s memory.

Subscribe to High-Speed Internet

It isn’t easy to find your favorite internet service provider in your area offering high-speed internet with unlimited data caps. Some of them might not be offering the services in your locality, which is a huge turn-off. However, by any means, you need to have an internet connection, because you know how difficult it is to live without this blessing.

If you already have an internet connection, you may need to upgrade your plan because the plan you have chosen might not be fit for streaming videos. If budget is an issue, you can simply check Spectrum offers providing you as much as 940Mbps along with cable TV and telephone service. Whenever opting for an internet connection, make sure to check out the daily needs and requirements. If you have ahttps://www.localcabledeals.com/Spectrum/Deals. small household, an internet plan of 100Mbps is enough to fulfill everyone’s internet usage. While for big households, the bigger the better.

Give a Break when Streaming Videos

A lot of times while streaming videos you might come across a buffering icon. If that happens frequently, just pause the video and give it some break. You can grab your popcorns meanwhile and let the video load for several minutes.

After you resume the video, you might notice the big bar has loaded enough video to keep you hooked while also working on loading the remaining part. In this way, you will be able to watch videos without taking any breaks in between.

Adjust Video Quality

When you are streaming videos and buffering is not stopping, you might need to compromise on video quality. Especially when you are loading big video files, it takes much more time to load on your device. There is only one solution and that is to watch the video in low resolution. Some of the popular streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube give you an option to change resolution according to your need.

If you are watching the video on your mobile device, the ideal way to stop buffering is to reduce the video quality. There won’t be any major difference if you are watching on 1080p or 720p resolution. And if you are watching a movie on a 21-inch monitor, you can even adjust to lower settings to stop buffering.

Upgrade Your Graphics Card

You might be hooked to some of the seasons aired on HBO and have an addiction to watch them all day long. Buffering is somehow directly related to internet speed, but sometimes the hardware support is also an issue. Try adjusting your video card and replace it with a new one.

AMID and NVidia are two of the most popular graphics card manufacturers that are constantly delivering highly optimized graphics card. If you have one, make sure to update the drivers. You will find a considerable difference. Make sure to update your drivers as it will help you deal with major issues including buffering, connectivity, and others.

Connect Your Device to Ethernet Directly

Wi-Fi offers ease of access from your device from anywhere whether you are in a café or at your home. With the passage of time, Wi-Fi has seen a major speed improvement but the Ethernet connection has still no substitute.

No matter, how fast your internet is but still facing buffering issues; you might need to consider connecting your device to an Ethernet cable. You can purchase an Ethernet cable up to 50 feet long to sit in any place. Moreover, you also need an extra adapter, cables, and connectors to start streaming videos on your device through an Ethernet connection.

Clean up your browser settings

When it comes to buffer, you can’t blame an internet connection alone. There might be a problem with your browser and computer a well. Browsers usually store cache for the websites you have previously visited. If you visit the website again, the content is loaded from the cache rather than downloading it. However, your cached data and temporary files can be overflowed which may reduce the speed.

The ideal way is to clear temporary files and cached data from time to time. Clean your browsing history and cookies to reduce the load and start streaming videos at a higher speed.

Summing Up

Streaming videos at higher speed without buffering isn’t a big deal when you know what to do. The first option is to upgrade your internet plan and if that doesn’t work, make sure to try some other tips discussed in this post.


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