7 Of The Most Famous Personal Injury Lawsuits In History

7 Of The Most Famous Personal Injury Lawsuits In History

7 Of The Most Famous Personal Injury Lawsuits In History

Personal injury law protects victims of injuries that are the direct result of another party’s
negligence. And while car accidents and slip and fall injuries are the leading types of cases in
this area of the law, personal injury law covers a pretty broad spectrum of injuries, including dog
attacks and defective products, to name only a couple.

Consulting Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers, Denver, or expert injury lawyers in your area is
always the best approach to ensuring you are compensated for an unfair experience that left
you physically or emotionally injured. And if you are wondering what the most famous personal
injury cases are, we have listed them for you.

A Failed Attempted Suicide

A woman once sued New York City after attempting to commit suicide by laying down on the
subway tracks and patiently awaiting the train that would ultimately end her life. However, the
train failed to meet her unfortunate expectations. Instead of killing her, the train left her with
catastrophic injuries, ensuring she would suffer even more for the remainder of her life. Because
she sustained severe injuries, she sued New York and won her case, receiving a staggering
$14.1 million. The controversial appeal of this case is why it has also won a place in history.

McDonald’s Coffee Case

Back in 1994, a woman ordered a cup of coffee at a McDonald’s drive-through. After spilling the hot coffee on her lap, she sustained burns to her thighs and groin area and proceeded to sue
the now-iconic fast-food chain for her injuries. McDonald’s refused to settle and cover her
damages, leading the case to court, where an investigation proved that this specific cup of
coffee was hotter than the average coffee, and the woman was awarded a total payout of $2.7
million in punitive damages and other damages. The case remains one of the most famous in
the history of personal injury law.

Mental Distress Due To Failed Burglary

This is one of the more bizarre, controversial and peculiar personal injury cases in history.
When a Pennsylvania thief attempted to rob a home, he could not exit the house as the garage
door was faulty. His next attempt at escaping the property was also unsuccessful as the door
was flawed as well. As a result, the thief was trapped inside the home for a long eight days,
surviving on dog food and Pepsi for the duration. Oddly enough, the thief decided to sue the
homeowners for mental distress resulting from property faults, and he was awarded a payout of
$500,000. There are also several other odd instances in which homeowners have been sued.

Bret Michaels Hitting His Head At The Tony Awards

Bret Michaels, the lead singer of Poison, sued CBS after insisting that he was not given proper
instruction on how to leave the stage of the awards ceremony. As a result, he fell during his exit
and hit his head on a set piece. While the incident was dubbed a real ‘headbanger,’ by Neil Patrick Harris, although it quickly became apparent that Bret Michaels did not take the incident
lightly. In addition, Michaels suffered a broken nose and a brain hemorrhage just a few months
after the incident, proving the fall was no laughing matter. Fortunately, the court sided with
Micheals for his injuries.

Countless 9/11 Cases

Of course, many personal injury cases would be filed for the 9/11 attacks that took the lives of
hundreds of individuals. However, the death toll continues to rise. Still, personal injury cases
continue to be filed to this day as the attack left the city intoxicated with debris and airborne
toxins, leaving many with crippling health conditions. As a result, the large number of cases
surrounding this event is undeniably historical.

Inaccurate Weather Predictions

Most of us find it pretty upsetting when the weather reports are not accurate, as it can ruin your
plans for the day. However, one Israeli woman took this frustration to a whole new level when
she sued the weatherman for his inaccurate weather report that left her ill and hospitalized as a
result. Because the weather prediction suggested that she dress lightly, she was caught in a
storm in clothing that was just not suitable. She then fell ill, and after suing for her experience,
she received a payout of $1000 to cover medical bills and lost income.

Anxiety And An Eating Disorder Caused By Car Accidents

Back in 1988, a university student was involved in two minor car accidents. According to her
claim, she did not sustain any severe injuries during the collisions, although she did develop
anxiety and an eating disorder. She was awarded $790 to cover her medical bills and a further
$6000 for pain and suffering damages.


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