6 Types of Digital Weighing Scales and their Uses in Industries

6 Types of Digital Weighing Scales and their Uses in Industries

6 Types of Digital Weighing Scales and their Uses in Industries

Gone are those days when we would use an analogue scale to weigh ourselves. Integrated with digital sensors, the digital scales are way ahead of their analogue counterparts in terms of efficiency, portability, accuracy, and durability. In fact, no matter which business you are in, you can get a digital scale for meeting the weighing needs specific to your industry. As you can already assume, it is not just a bathroom scale that is available in various digital models. There is a range of digital weighing scales that offers varying functions and boasts of superb features. In this blog, we bring to your notice 6 types of digital scales and their functions in different industries. Are you curious to find out? Let us wait no more and start the discussion right away!

Retail Scales – Are you looking for a retail scale for your grocery store? Pick a digital scale and rely on its greater weighing efficiency from now onwards. Available in fashionable design, the digital scales are also durable with a stainless-steel plan and rugged ABS housing. Most importantly, the high-quality load cells of such scales ensure accurate measurement of loads. And when it comes to readability, you can place your trust in a top-quality bright LCD. Should you want to go for advanced models, you may enjoy extra features like multi-language printing, receipt printing, cash drawer connector, and lots more.

Crane Scales – Perfect for large-scale industrial applications, crane scales can weigh a hanging load effectively and effortlessly. What should be the weighing capacity, you ask? While some scales can measure up to 5000 kg, other models may boast of bigger capacities like 10,000-20,000 kgs. Thus, you get the leeway to choose a scale as per your weighing requirements. With aluminium housing and stainless-steel hook, these devices are resistant to corrosion and enjoy a longer shelf life. Features like rechargeable batteries, wireless remote display, and LED Display to make digital crane scales extremely sought-after in the market today.

Livestock Scales – Animal weighing has now been made easy with digital livestock scales. The animal-friendly design facilitates an easy entry and exit of livestock through the sliding doors on all 4 sides. Coming to storage, these scales require very little space as they are easy for wall mounting. Right from holding and accumulating functions to counting, tare, zero, and printing – these scales are multi-functional and make weighing operations seamless, faster, and more efficient. Along with these features, you must also look for high-quality load cells that will ultimately determine the accuracy of a weighing scale.

Truck Scales – The latest technological innovations have simplified the way of weighing heavy loads like cars, trucks, and all kinds of vehicles today.  Need a weighing scale for your logistics warehouse? What could be a better pick than a robust and sturdy weighbridge? Also known as truck scales, weighbridges can be of different types with variations like I-Beam, H-Beam structure, concrete, and moveable design. Feel free to go for any of these variants considering your weighing needs and other important factors. With such a scale at your disposal, you can achieve a faster weighing of heavy loads, save time & labour, and protect everyone’s safety on the site.

Digital Column Scales – Due to their advanced features and better functionalities, digital scales are steadily replacing analogues scales in medical centers or physician clinics. So, if you are looking for a medical weight scale for your private clinic, choose a model that comes with a slew of features such as a stainless-steel pan, stadiometer, anti-slip rubber mat, height rod, and BMI indicator.

Using an advanced scale will help you weigh your patients efficiently and win their trust in the process. Our pro tip- buy from a reputable brand should you want to be assured of higher accuracy, efficiency, and durability in the long run.

Washdown Scales – Whether you are dealing in the food and drink business or working in the construction industry – washdown scales can raise the efficiency of your weighing operations given their first-rate features and functionalities. The main highlight of these scales is their waterproof feature guaranteed with high IP-ratings. So, it does not matter how rugged or messy the weighing environment of your industry is, a washdown scale can prevent the ingression of dirt, water, and external contaminants. Moreover, with rechargeable batteries, these scales offer uninterrupted weighing performance and accurate measurements for long hours.

Final Words – So, here they are – top 6 digital weighing scales and their industry-wide functions. Have you decided which one you would need for your business? Selecting the right scale will help you enhance weighing efficiency, meet customer demands, beat the competition and, ultimately add to the bottom line of your business. Have some queries or thoughts to share with us? Feel free to do so!

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