6 Reasons Why You Should Buy USA-Made PPE Supplies

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy USA-Made PPE Supplies

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy USA-Made PPE Supplies

With COVID-19 ravaging the whole world, everyone is dashing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Items like face masks and sanitizers are essential in the fight to curb the spread of the virus. The massive demand for PPE is making the market full of products from various sources that you can buy online. However, you can’t trust any online source for your safety and that of your loved ones.

Here is why to buy USA made PPE supplies

Create jobs for Americans

According to Guardian.com, about 787,000 Americans applied for unemployment benefits just before Christmas 2020. The surging rates of infections in the country are encouraging layoffs and slowing hiring. Many sectors of the US economy are facing difficult times, and recovery is not expected soon.

Today, only business dealing in essential services and products are alive. You can play a role in promoting job creation in the country by using USA-made PPE supplies. Businesses that were dealing in non-essential commodities are switching to COVID-essential products to meet demand and for survival. For every locally-made PPE supplies you purchase, you play a part in keeping someone at work.

Locally sourced raw materials

Finding a disposable masks supplier in USA keeps people at work and allows local resource utilization. So, you play a part in promoting the revival of the economy. A good thing about using PPE supplies made with USA raw materials is the promotion of local producers contributing to job creation. The more the demand for supplies, the more need for raw materials. This creates more jobs, builds the economy, and encourages appropriate utilization of local raw materials.

Guaranteed quality

Today, the use of PPE equipment, including face masks and hand sanitizer, is the new normal. However, you have to mind the quality of your supplies. Products from overseas seem cheap, but you can’t have peace of mind regarding their quality. Remember, the products are for your safety and that of your team or loved ones.

When you purchase locally made supplies, it is easy to tell that they pass quality standards. One way to do this is to check the supplier for verification badges on their website. This is so easy to do since buying online is the best way to get supplies today. Look out for badges on the supplier website, including:

  • Rangeme Verified
  • FDA Registered Facility
  • Intertek Total Quality Assured
  • SGS

Fast turnaround

Having PPE supplies all the time is part of life today. Ordering for your supplies and taking too long to arrive is not something to endure in the COVID-stricken environment. Everyone must be with the necessary PPE like disposable face masks wherever they go. It would be best if you had a supplier you can bank on to make prompt delivery.

Supplies that come from overseas go through a lot, including customs clearance and other unexpected situations like bad weather that cause delays. And, given the current situation with disturbances in transport a network, getting your supplies from a local supplier is the only way to ensure a fast turnaround. With a few clicks on the supplier website, you have peace of mind that your suppliers are coming within 24 hours to avoid going out in public without protection.

Myriad of payment options

When looking forward to buying PPE, online is your next stop. However, you have to be wary about the payment options and safety of your information. A simple Google search will give you thousands of supplies from various areas across the world. When making up your mind on the ideal supplier, payment options matter a lot.

It pays to order from a supplier who accepts your convenient payment method. This is quite hard when purchasing from overseas suppliers, where methods like PayPal don’t work. These most times insist on bank transfers that take time. Fortunately, if you land a reputable USA supplier of PPE equipment, expect a myriad of payment options you know and trust very well, including:

  • Apple Pay
  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • AMEX
  • Diners Club

Seamless communication

A critical thing any supplier should have is easy to access means of communication. You have to keep in touch with them while tracking your order or if you have other inquiries. When you have a USA supplier, you easily get in touch with the possibility of being in the same time zone. Additionally, the company is likely to have its physical address indication on its website. So, you can visit their office if you can’t get them on the phone or social media platforms.

In a nutshell

Access to PPE is an essential requirement for everyone today. When finding a supplier for your supplies, opting for a US company is a great idea. You will help create jobs for Americans, contribute to reviving the economy, enjoy a fast turnaround, and have peace of mind regarding quality.


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