6 Best Ways to Love Your Country and Show Your Patriotism

6 Best Ways to Love Your Country and Show Your Patriotism

6 Best Ways to Love Your Country and Show Your Patriotism

Over 70% of citizens in a recent poll think that they have more in common with other Americans than is displayed by the media and leaders of the political establishment.

We are all one country, like it or not, and divisiveness will get us nowhere. If you love your country it is important to show patriotism the right way.

Whether you love your country, not your government, or are a fan of the current administration, showing support for America has never been more important. Read on to learn 6 ways to display your patriotism.

6 Best Ways to Love Your Country and Show Your Patriotism

1. Work a Government Job

The best way to show love for your country is to serve it. With unemployment still rampant and a labor shortage in all areas of the economy, it is time to step up. Everyone should work a government job at some point in their life.

From the Postal Service to the Military most government jobs are always hiring. If you find yourself complaining about the current state of the nation, maybe you can be part of the solution.

Our government needs all the help it can get dealing with the huge challenges our nation faces. For instance, wildfires rage out west every summer and destroy countless American homes and lives.

If you think you have what it takes, apply to work one of the toughest government jobs in the world as a Wildland Firefighter.

As with most government jobs, you won’t get paid much and you will face many challenges but you will be making a difference. By working any government job, you are giving back to a country that has given you so much.

2. Get Engaged in Your Community

Don’t like that pothole down the street? Get it fixed! There are plenty of ways to get engaged in your community. A good start is attending town hall or city council meetings.

You can take it a step further and start a fundraising drive for a noble cause in your local community. Perhaps coaching youth sports or leading adult education seminars is more of your style.

If you are wondering how to show love to your country, start by showing love to your local community.

Not only will you be making your town a better place to live, but you will also be building meaningful human connections with other citizens in the process.

Getting engaged can mean direct action like starting a bake sale, or indirect action such as writing a song about a local hero.

Whatever way you slice the pie, your local community is your direct link to our larger nation. If you want to show your love for America, do something at the ground level for your community.

3. Volunteer

There are tons of worthy causes that display your love for your country. Join the volunteer fire department or neighborhood watch. Put some time in at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Show your love through action.

Volunteering is one of the most patriotic things you can do. By volunteering you are showing love for your country while expecting nothing in return.

Our nation was built on the backs of people who were willing to give it all for no promise of any financial incentive. Do you love your country? Prove it by volunteering for a worthy cause.

4. Donate

Time isn’t the only contribution you can make to your country. Donating some of your hard-earned money to a worthy cause is an excellent display of patriotism.

Nowadays you vote with your dollar, so it is time to put your money where your mouth is. Find a cause you believe in that makes America a better country. Donate some money to them to show support and patriotism.

Not all causes are patriotic ones, but many are. A prime example of a great patriotic cause to donate to is the Wounded Warriors Project.

Some veterans gave it all so you could remain safe. Others got life-long injuries and mental traumas while defending your freedoms. Donating to any veteran-oriented cause is a great display of patriotism.

Do a bit of research to see where your money will be best received and donate to a worthy cause today to show how much you love your country.

5. Show You Love Your Country With a Flag

Old Glory is a magnificent sight to behold. Hang our red white and blue symbol of freedom high on your property for all friends and neighbors to see. Heroes have lived and died under its colors to get you to where you are today.

Show your love and respect by displaying it proudly. Don’t settle for any flag, get one of the best by buying Flagpole Farms flagpole kits. That way your flag will be one of the best on the block.

6. Embrace Tolerance

America is great because we have people with all different viewpoints from all different walks of life. Keeping an open mind and embracing a tolerant attitude towards all Americans is one of the most patriotic things you can do.

Not only does having an open mind foster meaningful conversation and action, but it also allows you to see where your patriotic energy is needed most. There are a lot of problems for us to solve collectively as a nation.

Without tolerance, we stand no chance of coming together and surmounting some very tough obstacles. With tolerance, we can unify as one nation and make America amazing.

Even if not everyone gets along or sees eye-to-eye, Americans can always tolerate one another if they are patriotic enough.

America Is Beautiful

You only get one country, you should love your country and cherish it. Displaying love for your country the right way is very important. The right kind of patriotism can unify a people and make them strong.

The wrong kind of patriotism can make the masses follow rhetoric and hinder free thought. Show love for your country the right way in the 6 ways discussed in this article today. For other great content like this, check back with our site often.


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