5 Top Minneapolis Neighbourhoods Where You Should Own a Home

5 Top Minneapolis Neighbourhoods Where You Should Own a Home

5 Top Minneapolis Neighbourhoods Where You Should Own a Home

Minneapolis has several neighbourhoods, each with its style and flair. So when you’re driving down to Minneapolis, which has a population of around 420,000, you can expect a great deal of diversity.

There are a total of 81 neighbourhoods in the city. And the real estate market is red-hot despite the pandemic. In 2020 alone, Minneapolis and St. Paul’s twin city saw sales of nearly 64,479 new homes.

This article lists the top 5 Minneapolis neighborhoods that are deemed the best to own a house.

 Linden Hills

For those who like to live in an area characterized by an urban village setting and drive down the tree-lined streets, Linden Hills should be an ideal choice.

Linden Hills is nestled in between two lakes, namely Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun. Throughout the neighbourhood, you’re going to find parks, playgrounds, and biking paths.

Experts rank Linden Hills as one of the most livable neighbourhoods in the Minneapolis-St. Paul twin city. It’s also a better option to raise a family in the city.

For schooling purposes, there are both elementary and middle schools, some of which are nationally-ranked.

The street and market area is always bustling with restaurants, cafes, and different types of shops.

The price fluctuates between the moderate to premium range.

 Downtown East

A few decades back, nobody would have recommended Downtown East as a neighbourhood to build your house. This section was primarily used for surface parking lots, and that too was under-utilized.

But now, the Downtown East neighbourhood is a sought-after destination for most home buyers. If you look around, there are many new residential and commercial towers now, which would give you a sense of the rapid development.

The Downtown East area is an extension of the Downtown core of Minneapolis. In this part of the city, the US Bank Stadium is located, which hosted the 2018 Super Bowl.

Furthermore, you’ve got the MacPhail Center of Music, Mill City Museum, and the Guthrie Theatre all in the same neighbourhood.

North Loop

North Loop is a part of Downtown, on the west side section. Just like Downtown East, it’s transformed into a new, trendy community of boutiques, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Previously, all you’d have found are old warehouses, which is also called the Warehouse District.

One of the reasons to buy a home in this neighbourhood is the cost factor. North Loop is still young, and the housing market is still virgin. New residential units are springing up along with upscale townhomes.

If you happen to work in or around the Downtown area, you’ll find it easier to commute from here.

 Loring Park

If you prefer a sustainable, busy, and lively neighbourhood to live in, perhaps Loring Park would suit your lifestyle.

Loring Park is located on the southern edge of downtown Minneapolis where you’re going to find multiple historical monuments. This includes the Basilica of St. Mary. You’ll also get to live in the vicinity of the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens and Walks Art Center.

As far as housing goes, you’ll find anything ranging from traditional condos to low-end single-family homes.

Most of the residents are highly-educated, with at least 95% holding a high school degree and 61% a Bachelor’s degree. And the merits of living in such a neighborhood are safe and beneficial influence.


 Located in the southeast part of Minneapolis, Ericsson is touted as a hidden gem for home buyers. That’s because of the affordability and convenience that this neighborhood has to offer. If you consider the median home selling price, it’s around the $250,000 mark, considerably lower than others.

Living here will give you the impression of a dense suburban neighbourhood. Over time, it will evolve into something bigger, thus generating better ROI for real estate investors.

There are other Minneapolis neighborhoods suitable for housing projects like the Northeast, Uptown, Whittier, and Bryn Mawr. To select the best site for your house, it’s recommended that you get in touch with a local real estate consultant.

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