5 Reasons You Should Partner With a PEO Company

5 Reasons You Should Partner With a PEO Company

5 Reasons You Should Partner With a PEO Company

How large is your small business’s staff? It’s probably not large enough to justify an entire Human Resources department. Who, then, has to deal with all of the HR issues at the company?

Chances are, that burden falls onto the owner or managers. In other words, the workers who already have a lot on their plate. A PEO company can change that.

What is a PEO company? PEO stands for professional employer organization; PEO companies exist to do for small companies what HR departments do for large companies.

Hiring a PEO service can revolutionize a business. Read on to learn five ways that a PEO company
can improve things for your small business.

5 Reasons You Should Partner With a PEO Company

1. Get Better Benefits

Benefits are a great way to entice prospective employees toward your business. Offering health
coverage, vacation days, and similar benefits makes your company more attractive and boosts
employee productivity.

Hiring the best PEO company means getting the best benefits for your employees. PEO companies
can add your company’s employees to a pool with their other clients, making great benefit packages more affordable.

A PEO service can also manage retirement plans.

2. Get Flexible Tools

Many PEO companies bring powerful online tools to the table. These can consist of employee web
portals, online enrollment tools, and more. These tools make things easier for employees and
employers alike.

Having an online infrastructure for things like payroll, employee schedules, and more simplifies and
streamlines several aspects of your business.

It also makes it easier for employees to get information (such as their upcoming shifts) without having to call a manager.

3. Create a Better Environment

Hiring is a difficult process. It involves screening prospective employees, reading countless resumes, and interviewing people. A PEO service can cut down on that work by implementing pre-screening procedures.

A PEO company can handle things like drug testing and background checks, saving you the time and effort of doing so. PEO companies like Avitus Group are renowned for their skill at simplifying the hiring process.

The end result? A safer, better work environment for everyone.

4. Hold Onto Your Talent

Hiring great employees is only half the battle. You also need to hold onto the ones you have. PEO
companies have been proven to help with employee retention, thanks in no small part to the benefits we’ve already discussed.

When employees have great benefits and a comfortable work environment, it’s only natural that they’ll stick around.

5. Avoid Fines

A PEO service can also save you money. Most of them employ compliance officers: workers who
ensure that your company is fulfilling all of its legal obligations.

This means you won’t run into any tricky issues with, for instance, hiring or tax laws. Some of these areas are difficult to navigate, but a PEO will make sure you don’t accidentally incur a hefty fine.

Partner With a PEO Company Today

A PEO company can improve and streamline any business, regardless of industry. Hiring a PEO
service is one of the most impactful things a small business can do, as it grants access to powerful
tools and resources.

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