5 Personal Home Upgrades for the Summer

5 Personal Home Upgrades for the Summer

5 Personal Home Upgrades for the Summer

Summer is one of the best seasons to refresh your home both indoors and outdoors. While
enjoying your summer staycation, you may choose to engage in some mini projects alone or
with help from your family members. A home upgrade will help create a space that is truly your
own. Whether you plan to sell your home in the future or intend to live there for years to come,
it’s always essential to keep your property up-to-date. Below are five personal home upgrades
for you this summer.

5 Personal Home Upgrades for the Summer

Declutter Your Home

Before you start any project, whether it’s painting, checking gutters, repainting, or installing an
air conditioner, you need to free your home from clutter. This simple task will not even cost you
a cent. You may also earn some money by selling some items that you do not need in the
house. The earnings can be channeled to other home repairs. All you need to declutter is time.
One week or two will be enough to make your home neat and clutter-free. Home clutter costs
you a lot of money which could have been used for other things. Also, if you get rid of things you
no longer need, you will create a lot of space in the house and get more ideas for other home
improvement projects. For instance, you could declutter your bedroom by getting rid of your old
bed. Purchase a dm9000s adjustable bed with many features, including dual USB ports, under-
the-bed lighting, Bluetooth speaker & subwoofer, multiple massage timer options, and many
more. What better way to keep your bedroom neat than having an all-in-one bed with numerous


Many people forget about painting, which is an essential upgrade. Repainting can be time-
consuming, but it is a critical endeavor for any home. Repainting the house will lock out
moisture and prevent the growth of mold and mildew that damages the walls and affects your
family’s health. In addition, repainting will make your abode look more attractive and increase
your home’s value if you ever consider selling the property.

When repainting, focus on the exterior as much as you focus on your interior. Painting the
exteriors will increase the home’s appeal and also make a perfect first impression. However, be
careful with the colors you choose to affect the Return on Investment (RoI).

Add Indoor Plants

House plants are an excellent way to add beauty to your home and make the air fresh and
clean. Indoor plants are good at air purification. Some plants can get rid of harmful substances
such as formaldehyde and benzene. Being around plants may also promote a calm
atmosphere. Don’t buy artificial plants as they have no environmental benefits. Natural plants
are the best.

Enhance Your Landscaping

One of the best summer personal upgrades you can do is to add a curb appeal. Beautifying the
lawn will go a long way to enhance your property’s visual appeal, and it also defines your
home’s character. The landscaping is your visitors’ first impression. It’s also the first thing that
any potential buyer will notice about the home. Therefore, it is an essential factor to jump-start
during summer.

A professional can do landscaping, but you can also do it. It is an excellent DIY project,
especially when you are not busy since it may take only one week to complete.

Clean and Clear the Gutters

Clearing the gutters may not be a fun activity, but it’s equally essential. It’s always critical to
protect your property for winter ahead and against the rainy spring and storms that may prevail.
Heavy downpours may take a toll on your gutters. If you ignore any repairs needed, you may
end up replacing the gutters altogether. Gutter replacement can be pretty costly as you will have
to hire a professional contractor to do the work.

To clear your gutters, you need a cleaning attachment for the garden hose and a ladder. You
may also use a bucket to put any debris and leaves from the drain. Heavy-duty gloves and
gutter scoop are also some essential items you will need to have during the activity. Remove
any leaves and debris in the gutters with the gutter scoop while wearing gloves and place them
in the bucket. Next, clean the drains using the hose pipe and allow water to run through.

Final Thought

Summer is the best time to do some home upgrades. It is essential to take good care of your
home to increase the property’s value. Some improvements you could do around the house
include repainting, adding a curb appeal, cleaning and clearing the gutters, and decluttering.
Although some renovations may add a dent to your finances, you will feel more satisfied and
safer as you know your home is sturdy for the coming years until you need to make more


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