5 Essay Writing Skills that Every Writer Needs to Know

5 Essay Writing Skills that Every Writer Needs to Know

From George Orwell to Virginia Woolf, almost all the famous English laureates have mastered the art of essay writing. Therefore, you can see the bar by yourself that it is easier to excel in essay writing with a different set of skills.

Over the years, professors and teachers have used essay writing as a standard to measure the writing capability of a student. Hence, it is important for you as a student to foster your writing skill to produce a masterclass of an article.

For this, you must adapt and learn new skills and hone them properly to get the best results when you begin your quest for writing on a subject matter.

So, it brings us to today’s line of discussion, which is on skills required for the perfect art of essay writing.

Must Essay Writing Skills For Writers 

In order to write a beautifully crafted article, you must learn to develop new skills that will aid you when you begin writing. Further, teachers use the essay to test the presence of particular skills; if they are not present, you should develop them.

Hence, these are the few skills you must learn or, if present then, hone them –

Developing Creativity And Critical Ability Skills 

Brainstorming is one of the key fundamentals that help develop creativity and critical ability skills. It is the process when you bring about several ideas to help you with the existing issues.

And to frame a perfect essay, new ideas, and creativity will help you to structurize the essay and the content you require to be included in the essay. It is a great technique if you are writing an argumentative article.

For this, you can use –

  • Mind Mapping: A mind map starts with the essay topic in the middle, through which you draw lines signifying the thoughts and arguments you want to include in the essay. Further, you can add more branches subsequently if the ideas pry up.
  • Bullet lists: It is a very simple technique where like a checklist, you can pen down the thoughts, words, and phrases that you seek to include in the essay. This way, you can easily structure the essay and outline the points you want to have.
  • Journalistic Question: This technique is great when you are writing an argumentative essay. It is because, like a journalist, you must ask who, what, when, where, why, and how, and after you find out, quickly write them down. It will serve as the base for your essay.

Research Skills 

It would be best if you excelled at research, as there will be a time when your essay will stand out in the class due to good research and the inclusion of relevant information. Today students have vast areas of sources from where they can gain relevant data on the subject matter.

Books, newspapers, and digital platforms allow you to access information from the internet. Platforms like JSTOR and Google Scholar are prime examples where you will get relevant facts and figures.

Therefore, if you need better research, you should use Google Scholar and read free articles on the platforms. After that, you can access your digital library to find relevant information.

Further, you can use digital newspapers and government websites, which are considered reliable in the academic world. Consequently, websites like Wikipedia and blogs are not considered valid and credible.

So, choose the site carefully when you begin researching.

Proof-Reading Skills 

At last, comes the proofreading skills, which are a significantly important part before you present your paper to the professor. Even Proofreading is an art, as you can point out the errors in your writing through it.

While you proofread, you need to follow up with –

  • Grammar and spelling errors
  • Syntax errors
  • Wordy sentences
  • Punctuations
  • Typo error

Then you can submit your final draft.

Language Proficiency 

Language proficiency is the most important, especially when you are writing an essay. It is because your quality of writing is assessed by the minimal grammatical errors and the type of words you use to express the argument.

Therefore, you need to hone your writing mechanics to ensure that you create a perfect essay.

Here are a few things you should focus on –

  • Active Voice: One of the key parameters of essay writing is the usage of active voice, as it shows that the subject is in action and doing something. Professors restrict students from using passive voice, as it disrupts the quality.
  • Transitions: Transition words are a key part of essay writing. Therefore, you must include various transition words to maintain the writing flow.
  • Figures of speech: You can also look for different figures of speech to enhance the quality of writing.

Expanding Vocabulary Knowledge 

For a great essay writer, it is important to have a grip on the vocabulary, as it will help them to reflect the emotions and arguments on the paper. Therefore, you must develop your language to write a simple and easy-to-read essay.

For this, you can take the help of various newspapers you find in the region, mark out the words you don’t know, and open the dictionary to understand their meaning. You can also use Eminem’s dictionary technique to learn and include new words in the song.

Other than that, you can go for various story books, as authors often look for different words to express their emotions. This will help you to hone your essay skills. Further, you can also read the essays by Virginia Woolf, C.S. Lewis, and V.S. Naipaul.

These people will surely give you a good direction to write an article.

And if you are still having issues writing essays, you can visit the website of Fresh Essays, an essay writing service. They will help you write a plag-free and grammatically correct paper.

There Is Always More To Learn 

Ultimately, you need to develop the following skills to enhance your writing capability and help you get good marks in the class. Further, it will help you as you progress in the academic field.

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