5 Best Dating Sites for Computer Nerds

5 Best Dating Sites for Computer Nerds

5 Best Dating Sites for Computer Nerds

When you are a nerd or geek, you might feel different than other people or not. Mixing in with your peers is probably difficult or a chore to do since you are stuck at home doing the things you are passionate about.

There are also nerds who can’t freely share their hobbies because they feel embarrassed to do so. This is why they find it difficult to get close with others and expand their social circle. This doesn’t only hurt their chances of finding friends but also losing their shot in finding love.

5 Best Dating Sites for Computer Nerds

Dating in the digital age

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t try your luck in searching for a love partner. If real-life seems hard to you, you can always jump into online dating. The advent of online dating platforms has changed the dating game forever. Virtual dating is actually good for people who are introverted or those who feel awkward to hook up in a real-life setting.

Dating sites you should try

Over the years, dating platforms evolved from traditional ones to niche types. The latter provides more options for people, especially for those who are looking for specific qualities when it comes to a partner. If you are a computer geek, here are a few of the best dating sites you can give a shot:

Gamer Dating

Who wouldn’t want a partner who shares the same interests as you? That would surely be great! If you’re into gaming, there are dating sites that are perfect for you. One of these is Gamer Dating. It is a niche platform with a strict registration process to ensure that no one would attempt to create a fake profile. There are only a few users as of this moment, but it doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time, so feel free to check it out.

Gamer dating provides a wonderful platform for avid gamers to share their hobbies with other people with a similar lifestyle and find the perfect match for them.


Are you up for occasional hookups? Or do you want to jump into “fun” already? Then FriendFinder-X is one of the options you can take. This platform is for people who are searching for a local sex partner and anyone who wants to engage in online sexting. On the site, you can also take up various courses to help you get better at sex, read erotic stories, and many more.


Zoosk has the best features for introverted people who want to find love, but feel they can’t do something about it. Millions of messages are being sent through this platform on a daily basis. They have matchmaking features that help you yield results based on the data you have provided and let you engage with others.


Being yourself is one of the most important qualities you should have in order to find a long-term partner. You are probably thinking that even if you’re online, you have to wear a facade or be someone else to have someone like you. But nope, it is not. OkCupid let’s be free to share about yourself. Even if you’re part of the LGBTQ community, you are always welcome on this platform.

Computer nerds would definitely love this site as it has various features that allow potential couples to have fun virtually and get to know each other better.


eharmony is one of the dating platforms you should add to your list if you are looking for specific qualities with a potential partner. This platform has advanced features and search tools that allow you to search for a partner with the best qualities based on your preferences. Even if your interests are in programming, cooking, or another field, this is great for geeks who want to meet someone with similar interests as them.


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