3 Wrong Practices That Are Damaging Your Linens

3 Wrong Practices That Are Damaging Your Linens

3 Wrong Practices That Are Damaging Your Linens

People who run a hotel are well-versed with the frustrating of linens damage. After all, these
bedding and towels are expensive and represent one’s standard of service quality. Damaged
and untidy linen can tarnish the hotel’s and the owner’s reputation over the long haul. Also, if
it requires changing the towels and bedding every few months due to their damages, it’s a
waste of money. Over time, it can put a big dent in the overall profit of the hotel business.
One of the significant mistakes contributing to this wear and tear is the wrong laundering
practices for these linens. A lot of hotel owners tend to outsource their laundry process.

While it’s not a foolish step to outsource the laundry work as there’s a large volume of linens
that need to be laundered in a hotel but not evaluating the skill and reputation of the laundry
services is a severe mistake. It’s because not every laundry services work in the same
process. As the demand for laundry services for hotels is growing rapidly, random individuals
are opening up their websites and claiming them the best. In the end, the owners are getting
wear and tear on their linens within a few weeks. So, as a hotel owner, one needs to know the
wrong practices that can damage their linens. In this way, they can quickly evaluate a laundry
service based on their practices and land on the best ones. Let’s take a look at the wrong
practices that are damaging the linens,

The Wrong Wash Cycle

A lot of laundry services use the wrong wash cycle for the linens. It should be noted that not
all the linens are made of the same materials. So, they will require a different wash cycle.
But, most of the laundry services wash all these linens using the same wash cycle. As a result,

this gets aggressive on some linen and damages its property. Choosing such an aggressive
cycle can easily lead the linens to age prematurely. However, the best linen suppliers in Manchester or other places always ensure that they use a wash cycle for similar linens to
ensure preciseness.

Also, it should be noted that the use of harsh chemicals can damage the linens. The linen’s
material should be taken into consideration before applying any chemicals to it. For instance,
the optical brightener helps keep the white look while the non-optic detergents help maintain
the depth’s depth. So, it’s important to check the wash cycle and cleaning methods applied by
the laundry services.

Inefficient Dealing With The Stains

One of the unavoidable aspects of a hotel laundry is dealing with stains. But, this doesn’t
mean the death of those linens. There’s a specific process to remove each of the different
types of stain. With an efficient and effective approach, one can easily remove the stain
without causing any minor damage to the linen. But, there are a few steps that reputable
and professional laundry services apply during the process. This includes-

  •  Not washing the linen with other items. Else, it will stain the other items as well.
  •  Using proper chemicals to remove different types of stains be it coffee, blood, wine, food,
    or anything.
  •  Washing the stains as early as possible, so it doesn’t damage the deepest layers of the
  •  Starting the process with removal wipes or other gentle items to avoid using any harsh

However, a general laundry service provider will never follow these rules and wash the linens with other items to process them quickly. Therefore, these practices must be checked by the
hotel owners before handling the laundering work to the providers.

Accidental Tearing

Sometimes, the laundry workers don’t take proper care of the linens. Significantly, the
general contractors often become too harsh on the linens and damage their property. Plus,
specific laundering processes come up with a risk of tearing. This is especially true while
transporting or delivering the linens on carts. However, the reputed laundry services always
follow a strict process and train their staff to follow the same to avoid any tearing. They also
have a protection plan against tearing. It saves the hotel owners from bearing the expenses for
future losses. They carefully conduct each of the processes starting from stretching the linens
onto a bed-frame, drying them, to ironing them. However, rushing the process can increase
the chances of tearing. Therefore, the hotel owner must check these practices before hiring a
laundry service.

The clean and tidy linens set a standard for a business. And, this plays a vital role in the hotel
industry. So, the hotel owners must be aware of these wrong practices that can damage their
linens in the long run. Based on these, they must hire a laundry service in the future.


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