19 Best to do in Goa

19 Best to do in Goa

Goa is a tourist hotspot throughout India and the world. So many great beaches, fantastic
food, shopping and much more are why it is now a favorite destination. You will certainly find
that Goa is not just a great beach destination but also many fun activities, which are divided
between the North and the South of this State. Here we look at some of Goa’s work, both in
the north and in the south.

In North Goa, Top Things

19 Best to do in Goa

1. Visit Baga to sunbathe and nightlife

Baga, located north of Goa, has to be the most popular and busiest beach in the country, but
do not let that discourage you.
Rent beach chalk, check out the flea market and savor delicious fresh seafood at one of
here’s many great restaurants. There are also many clubs, bars and pubs around the beach,
all serving thousands of local people who live here at night. The beach area is also exciting.

2. In Goa State Museum, learn about Goan History

The Goa State Museum is a must-visit not only for people who love history but also for
anyone who wants to glean Goa’s historical past.
The state-owned archaeological museum has a large collection of stone, wood, and bronze
statues, as well as many artifacts, precious coins, religious texts, and much more that you
don’t want to miss it.

3. Discover Chapora Forts history

For the Portuguese, who governed over the Goas for more than a century, the Chapora fort
has been a watchman for over 400 years. Despite the ruins, the fundamental structure is
always impressive and a perfect viewpoint with views of the lovely beaches of Vagator and
Explore the fort and its surroundings if you are in the mood for a little trekking and history;
particularly exciting are the escape tunnels.

4. Dona Jettys Visit

Dona Paula is a popular tourist resort near Panjim, the state capital. In addition to being a
a hub for visitors, the region is also home to the National Oceanography Institute in India.
The area can be crowded, but here, the monsoons are less so, more restful and romantic
with some excellent restaurants and well-preserved heritage sites.

5. Check out the old marvellous church of Mangueshi.

A splendid Mangueshi Temple, dedicated to the god Mangesh, is one of the largest temples
in Goa. The structure is nearly five hundred years old and consists of a number of old
The water reservoir, assembly hall, and lamp tower make this temple not just a place of
religion and worship but also a magnificent point of history and archaeology. The chandeliers
among many other relics.

6. Stay on the Chapora River houseboat

What could be better than spending a day, driving in the backwaters of Goa, on a
houseboat? Watch the local fishermen make traditional fishing and enjoy catching the day
on one of these quaint vessels directly from the water to your dining table.
The landscape is spectacular and the beauty of the surrounding is probably not better.

7. Anjuna Beach Flea Market Shop

Anjuna Beach is hosting the local flea market every Wednesday. You can find almost
anything here and at a deal, visited by hundreds of tourists and locals every week.
Look for souvenirs, wardrobes, handicrafts, and gifts, but don’t miss the food; stalls run by
locals that sell traditional and delicious Goan food, as well as many foreigners from around
the world trying to make some other vacation bucks, all of which are in one place, that sells
authentic international food.

8. Calangute Water Sports

In close proximity to everything, in North Goa is Calangute. The center is famous for its
restaurant clutch (such as Infantaria and Souza Lobo), which is the hub for tourists.
The watersports are then there. You can go paraphernalia, spot dolphins, ride a banana boat
in Calangute, and much more.

9. Be spiritual in Bom Jesus Basilica

This magnificent basilica is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well known for holding the
ruins of St Francis Xavier, which is also known as Borea Jezuchi Basilica. Go here and enjoy
the beautiful Baroque architecture and feel the peace and quiet of the building.

10. Check out the Fort Aguadas view

Without seeing this legendary fort and its lighthouse, a visit to Goa is incomplete. Built-in the
17th century and overlooking the vast Arabian Sea, the Portuguese Fort has beautiful
Located on the beach of Sinquerim, take a walk around and discover the area in the course
of history and architecture.

11. Take a Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary mini safari.

This nature reserve in Ponda Taluka extends over 8 km2 and is a popular picnic area for
school children and tourists alike. Watch Indian Bison, Sambar Deer, and more, Malabar
Giant Squirrel.

South Goas best things to do

12. See the Falls of Dudhsagar

In the stunning four-stage waterfall on Goa and Karnataka on the river Mandóvi, Dudhsagar
Falls translates as the Milk Sea. In English, this is what you will see. Surrounded by
luxuriant forests, this place showcases the best of nature.

13. Palolem Dolphin Watching

Palolem is the place for you if you want to flee North Goa crowds and enjoy some peace and
tranquility on the beach. This uncontained, isolated beach is located not only a short
rickshaw drive from Canacona Station, but it also offers great local cuisine to make your
experience complete in the nearby restaurants and shacks.
A dolphin-watching must do here; you will be stunned!

14. Vasco Da Gama Water Sports

Vasco Da Gama City is a hub that connects many of Goa’s great beaches. While you are
there, the town is just a must-visit place with people looking for good food, shopping and,
indeed, fun.
The beach is known for snorkeling and kayaking, as well as for para-sailing, and for many
more water adventure sports.

15. Silent Party Join

This beach never sleeps all day long with beachgoers, and all day long with moonlit parties.
Silent Noise is a big party, you don’t want to miss on the far south side of the beach. The
concept is audacious and innovative from 21 p.m. to early morning. You and everyone here
can connect with the music wi-fi headphones so that the party stays as loud as you like,
without sounding!

16. Butterfly Trekking Strand

Youll find Butterfly Beach a two-hour tour from Palolem Beach. It’s named after hundreds of
butterflies that you can find there. You can also skip the walk to this secluded place by boat
and go on a short trip. Other activities include climbing, canoeing, watching, and dolphins.
Sunbathing, naturally.

17. Bogmalo Beach Scuba Diving

Bogmalo beach is located near the airport of Dabolim in the South of Goa. The small
waterfront is a great place to relax and unwind or try some fantastic local food here, of
You can sign up for scuba diving, and you can even take a few lessons to get certified, no
matter if you’re a beginner or an expert.

18. Take tables at Varcas Dunes Casino

Varca is one of the most spectacular beaches in Goa and is known for the shade of the
white sand, clear blue waters, and shady palm trees. At the Dunes Casino, try your luck.
This is the only one on land in the state in the Zuri White Sands Resort. Blackjack, roulette,
machines for slots and many more luck games are all available to try your luck.

19. Gatsby’s Pub’s cocktails and dance

You may be boring to sit down and relax. The night to the music of some of Goa’s best DJs
is a great way to unwind. Not only is the music great at Gatsby’s Pub but it also has a very
great cocktail menu amongst all the places of the festival. Open till the wee hours of the
morning late and bustle and make sure you have a good rest before heading here.


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